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trouble connecting HTC Evo 3D to wi-fi on Motorola Surfboard SBC6580 Gateway


trouble connecting HTC Evo 3D to wi-fi on Motorola Surfboard SBC6580 Gateway

Here's a good challenge for you smart techies out there.  I have read all the suggestions I could find on these boards and given them a try.  The gateway works great, laptop and ROKU connect like a breeze - no other problems at all. I know the basic steps to connect to wi-fi on the phone, know the SSID & PW and tried to add the network that way but the CONNECT button always remains grayed out, changed the N-thingy I read about off AUTO and put 20MGHZ instead of 40. Tried the connect button on the gateway that works on everything else except the phone. The name the gateway came with is a word with a dash and four numbers (no spaces). Tried to change it to just a word, lost all internet connection entirely and finally got it back after 2 factory resets so I don't want to mess with that again. Ran all updates, cleared cookies and cache, did a soft reset, yada yada yada. Have spent WAY too much time on this. Can you think of anything I have missed?  I expected something better from HTC.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Doing the happy dance!  Decided to try just one more time and got it to work.  Entered the modem password on phone Wi-Fi setup, went to advanced functions, wish I could document exactly what I entered there but it was very quick, is GONE and I can't replicate it, sorry.  Anyway, at the bottom of the advanced functions I got a prompt to press the joy connect button on the modem itself to connect, raced to it and did that and then it worked!  Authenticated and got the IP address and it is ON!  Posting in case this might help someone else.  If you are doing this just play with those advanced functions a bit and I believe you will stumble on the right path too.  Whew!  So glad to get this fixed.  Now if it will only do it automatically from now on that will be really great if it is not too much to hope for. Message was edited by: trying2findout

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