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Accidental shutdown: can't cancel


Accidental shutdown: can't cancel

I have been accidentally restarting my Evo 4G LTE quite a lot, and it's very annoying.  Here's what's happening to me:

  1. I accidentally hold down the top button for what seems to be too long.
  2. The shutdown/airplane mode/restart screen comes on.
  3. I try to go back to normal functioning using the back arrow key on the bottom.
  4. Nothing happens, phone shuts down and I must now boot it.

Is there some way for me to get out of that shutdown/airplane/restart menu without shutting off the phone, restarting or going into airplane mode?

I would be very grateful for the answer --- this happened to me at least four times yesterday, and it's maddening.

I don't know if this is related to the "Evo Keeps Restarting" discussion I have seen elsewhere in this forum.



Should only take about 3 seconds for the option to popup, however, when I first played with it, I could not get it to show up the first couple tries. What I did was count and if I got to 5 seconds, I released the button and let the screen go to sleep. I then woke it back up, unlocked it and repeated the process. After about 4 times, when I got to 3 seconds I felt a brief phone vibration and the menu showed up. I repeated this and again, 3 seconds the menu popped up.

Now it seems to function as expected everytime I attempt it.

Strange, but it worked on mine.

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