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Compensation from Sprint - HTC


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

You can call Customer Care and ask for a service discount.  I highly doubt there will be a discount on any retail items (including the phone) announced...if there is one, it will be handled on a one-off basis.  Not trying to be sarcastic here...I've actually been in the same situation with another company and didn't receive any compensation for a Christmas gift that arrived 3 weeks late. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, you should be able to cancel your pre-order if you'd prefer to have your money back. 


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

well im sorry they didnt compensate you Sir but that doesnt mean that sprint shouldnt help us out here.

its not this is a one time purchase not only are we paying the 199 but 10 more a month for 2 years and the normal charges per month also

and yes you are taking a beating this morning and i do feel for you and you are doing a good job

just might want to think a little bit more if something sounds the least bit sarcastic when you type it


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

much agreed sir

give us a credit on the acc's to use here so atleast we are giving the money back to sprint so to speak

or offer us a digital download discount

something anything other then

sorry we have your money

and you have nothing to show for it


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC


Sorry, I truly wasn't meaning to be sarcastic in my response...that's the downfall of non face-to-face communication.  Also wasn't considering the possibility of a service discount as we were discussing the actual phone itself.  I'm not well versed in the area of service discounts; you may have better luck asking that question in the Order Support forum.

Oh, and one other thing...I'm not a 'sir'Smiley Happy.  But I do appreciate your candid comments!

Hope I've been able to answer your questions or provide you with an alternate means of getting them answered.  


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

you welcome sorry for my presumption :-)

thank you again though honestly

God Bless

hope they get this is figured out soon for our sakes and for yours as well


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

It's a common presumption!  I also hope this gets resolved soon...hang in there!


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

hi there i went to bestbuy to preorder my evo lte and i didn't pay anything and they gave me a 50 dollars gift card..


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

wow bestbuy better that sprint?


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

The way I see it is quite simple:

  • The shipment have been held by customs for over a month already
  • The pre-order process was started before the product cleared Customs or all other legal holds
  • An announcement was made that the product will be made public on X date and that pre-orders will get it shortly before the public release date

Why was a pre-order announced before the product cleared legal hurdles? What if Customs decides that it violates the ITC hold and has to get returned and is delayed quarter or a year? Why did Sprint announce a release date that it did not know for certain that it could maintain?

Someone had better get fired over this. You don't market a phone, no matter how badass it is, before you know you're actually going to be able to sell it... and when you're dealing with Apple Patient Trolls, ITC rulings, and Customs, that means PRODUCT IN WAREHOUSE.

The simple fact is the pre-order never should have started until the product was sitting under lock-and-key somwhere outside of Seattle or Portland or San Francisco or some other pacific coast port on the sale-able side of customs.

Sprint charged customers for a product that in reality does not exist and may not ever within the United States.

I'm not going to cancel my pre-order, but I do think that Sprint owes their customers not only a lengtly explanation why the product was allowed to be pre-ordered before it was cleared from customs, a blurb about how the people who made those decisions are unemployed, and the people managing those people are also unemployed, and that Sprint is going to eat a portion (or all) of the pre-order cost. Because, really, the case could be made that Sprint knew of legal challenges that could prevent or delay sale of the product within the United States and chose to sell the product anyway on the assumption that things will go the way they wanted with no clear indication that it actually would. We could find out tomorrow that Customs is shipping the entire shipment back to Taiwan for crying out loud.

Sprint knew about these legal issues before it made the pre-order offer, and willfully chose to gamble.

So, yes, compensation is clearly in order, and it should not be on a one-off basis. Not because the product is delayed by customs due to a random review, but because the review was known to be in process and had no end in sight.


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

I completely agree

but i think the only way sprint is going to do anything is enough of us complain or they get enough bad press about it some other way

oh how i wish i knew someone in the news industry that could this story out to the bigger media

i also dont want to cancel my order

i just am mad that now in less then a few hours we have all found out that sprint had to have known of this problem

and placed bets with our money that fell through and sprint wants to take no responsablity for it what so ever


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

Well I pre-ordered 2 of the 4G LTE phones. But looks like I'll have to hang onto the original a bit longer. Whats disturbing is HTC stated they had a workaround for this back in Dec 2011. So if that were true, then why the delay? Why was this not addressed in December with the workaround?

As for compensation, I don't see it happening, But for the inconvenience it would be a nice gesture if Sprint just waived the activation fee.


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

DX1313 wrote:

so am i the only one who thinks sprint-htc should compenstate us somehow ?

they are already not sending the beats headphones with the EVO which cost 100 each

yet still come with the verizon verison

perhaps at the least they should split the difference and offer us a 50 credit ?

or a special offer on the headphones for 50 $ so that they now only the people

useing the headphones get the discount

this is crazy i wont ever again preorder a phone from sprint

i understand its not sprints fault

but it is sprints responsablity to service their customers correct ? thats why its call customer service

and the only service we are getting now is to be told

yes we have your money but you wont get your phone you paid for in advance with the promise

that you would have it by the 18th at the latest !

anyone else agree ?

       Verizon isn't selling ANY version of this phone.

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