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Compensation from Sprint - HTC


Compensation from Sprint - HTC

so am i the only one who thinks sprint-htc should compenstate us somehow ?

they are already not sending the beats headphones with the EVO which cost 100 each

yet still come with the verizon verison

perhaps at the least they should split the difference and offer us a 50 credit ?

or a special offer on the headphones for 50 $ so that they now only the people

useing the headphones get the discount

this is crazy i wont ever again preorder a phone from sprint

i understand its not sprints fault

but it is sprints responsablity to service their customers correct ? thats why its call customer service

and the only service we are getting now is to be told

yes we have your money but you wont get your phone you paid for in advance with the promise

that you would have it by the 18th at the latest !

anyone else agree ?


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

I agree to a point. Due to the indefinite nature of the delay, Sprint should be offering a refund. It's inexcuseable they have not sent an e-mail to the pre-orders, or really made any attempt to inform people. I checked my order status, and it's not telling me anything about the delay.

If they just send out an e-mail and said if you want your money back, click here, if you want to wait do nothing, we are sorry for the delay. That would be fine with me.


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

yeah i agree

i did talk to sprint this morning and they did say that you can cancel the order now but thats got to be a hassle the way they charged the credit cards and then put the phone payment towards your cell phone bill

now that i think of it they should give us atleast half the price of the phone back for anyone that preordered and will get it late

because i say again i know its not sprints fault or htcs fault

but it is their responsablity

and also on that point its not our fault for the delay either but we are expected to pay full price and wait untill whenever to get the phone

so we get punished for the delay so to speak

but sprint and htc still get all the money as if no delay happened

while the customers bear all the brunt and inconvience of the delay

thats not fair by any stretch of the imagnation


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

While we'd rather you didn't cancel your pre-order, there are instructions provided in the backorder email on how to do so:

If you would like to select an alternate product or cancel your backordered item, please call 866-789-8292 between 8:00 a.m. EST to 11:00 p.m. EST Monday to Friday or 9:00 a.m. EST to 9:00 p.m. EST on Saturdays and Sundays.Please note that cancellation requests may not always process successfully due to the speed of warehouse processing.If you cancelled your backordered item but still received a shipment, please refuse the shipment or call us to process a return within 14 days of receipt.


I believe most of you have already seen this based on your comments, but wanted to make sure I updated this message with the new info: 

Cancellation procedure update - We have been notified that the previously communicated cancellation procedure is no longer available for the HTC EVO 4G LTE pre-orders.  If you wish to cancel, please either refuse delivery or call us for return authorization kit once your device arrives.

I agree with everyone that we need to provide you with as much communication as possible.  That's one of the reasons we have these forums.  While I do work for Sprint, I also have a mind of my own and will speak it when I can:).  I don't always agree with everything we do; I don't always know 'why' we do what we do, but I assume there must be a good business reason.  I truly don't believe Sprint would move forward with orders knowing that they couldn't be fulfilled....I cannot see any business benefit of doing so.      

On a side note, please keep your comments between each other respectful.  Not doing so is a violation of the Community Guidelines and could result in being banned from the forums.  Everyone has their own opinions and situations...please respect that.


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

that doesnt ansewer the question i posed in the start of this topic only the ansewer the person posed in their reply

thanks yet again sprint for ignoring my issue only to worry about someone elses 🙂 true to sprint form today 🙂


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

I think it's prob best to wait a few days and see, but if it looks like it could take months to fix, I will be expecting a refund.


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

The Verizon and Sprint devices are not the same (similar, but not the same).  I am not aware of any compensation that will be provided to customers that pre-ordered.  Are there other companies that provide compensation to customers if an order doesn't arrive when anticipated? 


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

You are very right they are NOT the same device you can actually buy and use the verizon version right now 🙂

and oh it comes with headphones although im not sure who would use headphones with cell phone right ? 🙂

and yes i have had companies offer me a discount with something they promised me didnt arrive on time and it wasnt MY fault

didnt want to turn this in to a sacstic string but come on man first you ansewer someone elses question in this thread not the one i posted starting it and then

you  ask me if any other companies offer compensation

yes there are  companies that do they are ALL the companies rated HIGHER then sprint on the customer service preformance polls

yeah i know sprint is now on the most improved list

but improving from a rating of 0 to a rating of 3 isnt really something to be proud of now is it ?


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

and yes the question is assume ansewered

we have all asked what sprint is doing to help

and the ansewer is NOTHING

you keep our money

we get nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

There are some that may when they lie over and over saying we will have a product on a certian date and are still saying the same thing at this moment.  The least sprint can do is let us know it's delayed at this point instead of keeping up with the lie that we will have it on or before the pre order date.  I mean how much does sprint value us?  I have had sprint for 10+ years and the last year has just been bad news after bad news with sprint.  Also most companies will not charge you until they SEND your order.


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

I was right with you until this post, dshoem01.  Let me preface my response by thanking you for being the one willing to take the beating this morning.  You've done a commendable job of damage control.

Other companies who compensate you if the order doesn't arrive when anticipated?  Pretty much all of them.

- FedEx/UPS/USPS for all guaranteed deliveries

- I would hope Sprint had a clause in their contract with HTC with specific fines for failure to deliver on time

- Even DirecTV granted me a $50/mo for 6 mo credit and waived installation charges when they failed to have the equipment I pre-ordered when I last moved

I could go on, but it doesn't seem unreasonable for these customers to expect something in return when they were promised on/about 18 May delivery of their new phone and 18 May was advertised as the launch date.  Even a $25 voucher for one of the grossly marked up phone accessories to use in a Sprint store would be a well-received gesture of goodwill.


Re: Compensation from Sprint - HTC

my payment for the pre order was applied to my sprint account for the full amount so......

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