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EVO 4G LTE Radio issues


EVO 4G LTE Radio issues

I've got a preordered Evo 4G LTE coming this week. Just read this nugget on Gizmodo

Says that the 4G LTE had tons of radio issues here in NYC, specifically related to 3G data speeds and connectivity. I've had lots of 4G Wimax, 3G and call quality issues crop of within the last few months here in Brooklyn on my Epic 4G and I'm worried about having the same (or worse) problems with the EVO LTE. I'm especially worried as 3G will be the only option besides Wifi on the device as Sprint has yet to announce any LTE rollout schedule for NYC. I'm worried I've upgraded to a handicapped state of the art device. Perhaps I should just bag it and switch networks? FWIW, I've seen loads of AT&T people use their devices in places where my Epic gets 0 bars and no data... makes a girl wonder...


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