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EVO 4g LTE data speeds and connection issues


EVO 4g LTE data speeds and connection issues

Let me begin by stating that I loved my EVO 4G and used it with out any issues for a number of years but because it died I had to upgrade to the 4G LTE since the EVO 4G is no longer available. I didn’t hesitate to up move up to the 4G LTE since my experience with the older EVO 4g was exceptional. The EVO 4G was blazing fast on the 4G wimax network and the build quality was out of this world. With this in mind it pains to say that the EVO 4G LTE, as beautiful as it is, is useless unless connected to a WIFI network. I’m using this new handset in the same exact area as the old one and it’s constantly searching for the mobile network and unable to refresh simple things like my tweeter feed. I’ve called Sprint PCS and the customer service reps have confirmed there are, in fact, issues with the handset. I’ve tried to love it and keep giving it the benefit of the doubt but I’m starting to miss calls and this is simply unacceptable. Even when it does connect the data speeds are so slow that I feel like I bought a phone with a different carrier. There is much to love about this phone including the camera, the screen, the great battery but its meaningless if can’t connect to the network.  It’s a real shame because applications like Flipboard, Pulse, and Instagram look amazing on that big display. Even my friends with iPhone’s marvel at its good looks and want to hold it their hands. The phone is going back to Best Buy and I’m going to make the jump to the IPhone since everyone I know who has one seems to love it. Missing my old trusty and reliable EVO 4G…..


Re: EVO 4g LTE data speeds and connection issues


OMG, Not Iphone.

I'm taking my HTC EVO 4G LTE back to Sprint Too, but not getting iphone. Maybe the SIII.

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