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EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

Thanks SpencerHawkins!


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

I've sent along three PM's now, per Sprint request, and each time they treat it as a new initial inquiry. Sprint support is proof that this companies left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

The same sh*t is happening to my S4 as well. They did everything and asking me to take it to the service center. What BS.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.


Sorry to hear you're dealing with this too.

I won't do another factory reset, it didn't fix anything.  Many have done the service center and even sent the phones back as defective - only to have it happen again.

There are a couple of threads I've started on the Sprint forum and I've taken it to the Sprint Facebook page. 

I'm done being lied to.  There needs to be an answer, and if there isn't answer (they can't give us one) then they need to STOP jerking us around with endless troubleshooting.  Just admit the problem exists, give us a refund for the part of our plan that does not work and we can move on.

But this endless ...'oh there's a problem with the voicemail....we had no idea'...has to stop.

I'm looking into the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs.  We're paying for a service that they *know* does not work. 

Please join me!!!


non-functional VVM since June 2013


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

Update 4/25/2014

VVM has been MIA since the beginning of the week, so I decided to check out the settings and do a refresh/reboot. 

Checked and updated all settings…all are up to date.

Cleared data and Force Closed VVM and rebooted the phone.

Missed a call this morning. Received no notification if there is a message.  Dialed in to the main system – and got the  ‘Welcome to Voicemail’ wizard for setting up your new Voicemail account.   Spent a few of my “Anytime Usage” minutes to reset the code, name, message. 

Now I’m assuming that the missed call didn’t leave a message because my voicemail was not set up.  A new client too.  Yet another way that this Voicemail problem negatively affects my business. 

I’m not sure why my voicemail wasn’t set up anymore.  I did not do a network reset.  I just turned the phone off and then turned it on. 

Just did a test run, VVM left a message.  Played and deleted it in VVM.  Dialed into the main system and verified it was no longer on that system.

Wonder how long it will work this time.


With unstable VVM since June 2013.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.


Good morning. We really aren't sure what causes this to happen-if it's a Sprint issue or if it's related to Google, but we do want to help. None of us mean to frustrate you by asking you to visit a store, but it does have some benefits: If they must reset the phone, your content can be backed up. Also, they can test it and see why it happens and work on getting a replacement if needed. If you've contacted tech and they have verified everything is fine on the account side, then visiting a store is the next step.

Sprint Social Care

Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.


Thank you for acknowledging that Sprint doesn't know what is causing this system app to malfunction.

It is a Sprint issue - as *enhanced voicemail* is a paid for benefit of our monthly plan.  Sprint agreed to provide the service - and it does not work.  That makes it a "Sprint issue". 

A back up done at the store will not fully restore your phone from a factory reset.  If you have downloaded apps, personalized your settings, all of that will have to be rebuilt.

Unfortunately there are also a few reports on these forums of people actually losing their data because the tech messed something up.  We're all human and make mistakes.  So if you do decide to take your phone in, I strongly advise a back up of all your 'don't lose' items before you go in.

If you do visit the store and the VVM is working when you walk out the door, please let us know how long the fix lasts.  And remember, a missed call without notification means there's probably a message and the app has failed. 


What would advise a customer to after visiting the store and the same problem pops up again?


VVM unstable since June 2013


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

I went and bought an AT&T HTC m8 and new line of service with ATT last Friday. guess what - my data & cell signal are better than ever - and people who leave me voicemails, well, it actually shows up on my phone in my att visual voicemail - and speech to text transcription is free.

Sprint, I've been with you 16 years, talked you up to so many friends, co-workers, and family. and now I'm just done.

you folks really need to get your stuff together, when you are pushing people like WI-Heather and myself away, you are not doing yourself any favors.

I have asked dan@sprint , the folks on the 855-235-8851 number, and your customer care folks to let me out of my contract 9 months early without ETF since sprint is not honoring their side of the bargin.

If not, I'll do as WI-Heather is doing and go to the BBB, and file the FCC complaint, which I have bookmarked here. I've also found the website that has the sprint class action lawsuit startup going about the $10 surcharge for premium data - I've been paying for this for 2-3 years and feel I should get a refund for that full amount as well.

sprint, you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting things get this low.

I'm done.



Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.


Thanks for your feedback.  I've been a Sprint customer for 13 years, same as you have always defended them...I'm done.

Today I spoke with someone in the "Executive & Regulatory Services Department" - a follow up to the concerns I raised with him last week.

In a nutshell - his technicians have told him the system is working fine.  If there is a problem, it must be my phone.  They would be happy to send me a new one, or I can visit a store...

I asked him to please explain to me what these things will fix.  Why does he think giving me a 'new' (refurbished) 2 year old piece of technology is going to fix this problem.  What settings will be different?

No answer.

And then, what am I supposed to do when it fails again?  Do I start this troubleshooting again?  What about all of the others that have done this, and it doesn't fix the problem? 

I told him this is not an acceptable answer.  Sprint needs to address this issue as the forums are filled with customers having problems with the voicemail system.  *even the new Galaxy5!* that just came out!!!

His response?  The response from Sprint Corporate about what we are going through out here on the forums? 

"well we don't know if those are even real people."

"Sprint is a big company, if this was that big of a problem - we wouldn't be able to function."

I'm not kidding, that's what Corporate told me.  We're not even real people.

He's fine with me contacting Consumer Affairs and BBB as those calls will be routed to him.

I am so livid.

He let me out of my contract early.  I'm shopping for a new plan. 

The only thing holding me back now - not sure I can file a complaint if I don't have an active account.


who's shopping for new provider after 13 years with Sprint.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

I will file my complaint as our situation is exactly like yours, except we have gotten the "new: phone several times to no avail.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

Just go off the phone from the folks in "Dans" office. They are mailing me a package to return my EVO 4G LTE and they will knock off the 9 months of ETF fees. Fine, glad to be rid of that phone and with Sprint.

WI-Heather - I almost went with T-Mobile, but I got a good deal as an add on line to my girlfriends account with ATT. I'm just knocked over on how I get a strong 4G LTE signal everywhere I go here in the bay area - that actually connects and works. And then to have basic stuff work, like getting a voicemail, what kind of rock I feel I've been living under for these past 2 years or so (Sprint was GREAT up until late 2012-early 2013).

Too bad really. wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but with the endless network upgrades (with no discounts to end users who are seeing poor service), and no end in sight. it was time to "flew the coop".

I'm kinda just shocked with the way sprint is dealing with this, and the information they gave you, and customers like, just wow.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.


It's official after 13 years with Sprint, I'm now a Verizon customer. 

While at the setting up my lovely new GalaxyS5 I asked the sales guy if there are any issues with the voicemail system...and he said - if you just want the regular voicemail - don't ever open VVM.  (which is billed at $2.99/month).

The plan includes 'basic' voicemail and the MWI works.  He did say sometimes it gets wonky, then have to go in and toggle it back on (it's an option in the menu...turn on/off MWI). 

Couldn't be happier.

13 years Sprint. 



Happy Verizon Customer

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