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EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

htc evo 4g "lte"  I checked my voicemail today because I suspected that my visual voicemail and notifications were not working.  I had voicemails dating back to last month.  I've checked the settings on the voicemail and I have the most updated version.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

Istilldowhatido - We would have to reset your voice mail and everything will be deleted if we do. - CarolSprint Social Care

Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

this might have been answered already but by chance are you sync'd with google voice/google hangouts for your texts and all that?

as the agent above pointed out you might need to reset your voicemail app to see if that clears it up..downside would be you'll probably lose all the voicemails in there.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

I started to have VM issues with Brand new phone after installation VM updated app.

What I did, to fix that.

Go to all application and press Voice mail icon, hold and drag to uninstall.

Then  locate you voice mail button on the main home screen, press and hold and drag to remove.

Then press and and hold anywhere on the empty space  on the screen,  it will bring up widget options, scroll thru and find voice mail icon press on it. It will add new voice mail icon and your  notification should work.

It worked for me. Good luck


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

Noticed I was having this issue as well on my phone and had a voicemail that was a month old sitting in my inbox that I had received no notifications for.  To troubleshoot I first tried sending myself a direct voicemail from the Visual Voicemail app but it never showed up.  Then I called from my house phone to my cell phone, sent the call to voicemail on my cell phone, waited at least five minutes and no notification either in the status bar telling me to call my voicemail or in Visual Voicemail.  Finally, I turned my phone off, called it from my house, then left a voicemail.  Once I turned the phone back on I got both the status bar icon and the voicemails showed up in Visual Voicemail.  I then called one more time from my house phone with my cell phone still on to make sure I wouldn't have to reboot/turn off everytime, I left a voicemail, and within a minute the notification showed up.  So, some simple steps that didn't involve uninstalling/resetting anything, but hopefully they help someone else.


Re: EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

Know this thread is old, but just wanted to share this.  I was having VM notification issues with my phone as well.  They worked fine until I opted out of Sprints visual voicemail.  I did a factory reset of JUST THE VOICEMAIL, not the whole phone (settings---applications---voicemail---uninstall updates).  I then called tech support and the representative completely cancelled VM on my account and then added it back (she said she "rebuilt it").  Tested it out with the old version of VM; worked fine.  I then updated to the latest version and tested it out again; worked fine.  Everything seems to be working as normal. The indication light even comes on now.  Hope this helps someone.

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