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EVO LTE shipments are confirmed delayed Blame Apple


EVO LTE shipments are confirmed delayed Blame Apple

According to several tech blogs and Sprint 4g roll out blogs:

Earlier today, reported that shipments of the new EVO LTE are being deplayed. We took a lot of heat from folks that thought we were full of it. But I had so much faith in my source that I ran the story anyway taking the shots on the chin. Not 100% sure even myself, but knew this source was solid. So I pulled the trigger and hoped it panned out. And now The Verge is reporting the cause of the delay...customs.

Those sneaky [...]at Apple have apparently been able to get customs to hold the EVO LTE and the HTC One X from getting through customs. The grounds for holding the devices are due to them possibly infringing on Apple patents. Supposedly, the hold is indefinite. This may take weeks to resolve. Sprint is now taking down the Pre-Order ability on their site. However, it is possible that if the devices are not found to be in violation, that they make it back into the supply chain with just a few days delay. And it's not known if all are being held, or if some made it through.

According to our internal Sprint source that told us about the delay this morning, Sprint management is meeting first thing tomorrow morning to come up with a mitigation plan and what and how they will communicate this to the public. However, now, and until further notice, Sprint employees are no longer allowed to reference the May 18th launch date.

Sorry folks for being the bearer of bad news. But once again, broke the story first. We just had it so early, that we didn't know all the details.

Source: Internal Sprint Source, The Verge

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