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Evo LTE issues SOLVED


Evo LTE issues SOLVED

Here is what worked for my dropped calls, hot phone, battery drain, and sketchy data issue:

**Go into networking and TURN LTE OFF.**

This fixed all of these problems for me - now no drops, battery lasts longer, and it is not so hot to the touch.

You can turn it back on when LTE is live in your area.

Moblie Network Settings>Network Mode>(change to) CDMA Only

Now my phone works as it should. It's fast, good 3G data speeds (around 1500kbps), and clear calls without drops. Also the battery lasts all day now.

Apparently they are in the process of installing LTE in this area (LA) and apparenty that contributed to the problems I was having with LTE enabled.


Sorry for the inconvenience.Thanks for the feedback!!


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