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HTC EVO 4G LTE Connection Issues & more......


HTC EVO 4G LTE Connection Issues & more......

I traded in my Blackberry 9650 on Saturday, its been all down hill from there.  When I arrived home the phone immediately lost 3g signal.  We do not have 4g wi-max in our area but the 3g signal has always been good.  My wife has the Samsung Epic and it runs fine.  My Evo immediately started timing out and the signal strength is low.  I ran a PRL update and made sure the 4g option was disabled.  My wife can be three songs into Pandora before my first song finishes buffering.  Web pages load extremely slow or eventually time out.  I took the phone in yesterday and they couldn't explain it.  They told me I may want an Airwave booster.  I told them after 14 years with Sprint I don't believe that is necessary.  I've never needed it before.  Today was the big test, my drive to work.  I say that because I loose the Sprint Network and move to roaming signal a few miles out of town.  It has never been an issue in the 13yrs that I've worked here.  I currently have "No Service" sitting on my screen.  I called technical support and they can't explain it.  I've done everything they recommended.  I think there is a major problem with the LTE phones trying to connect with the 3g network and forget moving onto a roaming signal.  I can't be the only one having this problem.  I will be taking the phone back today as it amounts to a paper weight at the moment.  Very disappointing.  Anyone relate?


i install the SignalCheck Pro app on my LTEVO, and the difference on signal, even standing in front of the antenna is -30bd in LTE. example, the 1xRTT or the EV-DO is in -65db and the LTE is in -95db. so, the problems is NOT software, is Hardware. the very poor LTE antenna is the issue, not the Radio File or the updates.

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