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Help me PLZ!!!


Help me PLZ!!!

Im new to this forum but i have a real serious issue, i just bought a Evo 4g LTe from someone and the phones was working fine and then all of a sudden i try to reboot the phone yesterday and now the phone wont boot

it gets stuck at the quielty brilliant screen and doesn't go past that and it vibrates too none stop, so i tried to go to the recovery of the phone and everytime i got there it does nothing but freeze up and does nothing

i cant move up and down or anything, i just wanna know how can i restart the whole phone, even though i can't get into the recovery or bootloader, or even the regular system please help me

Thank you in advance for any help that i receive


Re: Help me PLZ!!!

what happens if you keep holding down the power button? normally it should do a simulated battery pull but im not sure if this will work or not..keep holding it though...for 10+ seconds..preferebly 20 seconds to see if it will force itself into that sim pull

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Re: Help me PLZ!!!

Yeah, let us know if the Simpull works. It's about 10+ seconds as Fireguy mentioned. You will see the capacitive buttons start to flash, wait about 5 seconds after they flash and you can released the power button. Phone should start a few seconds after that on its own.

Did you perform a Hard Reset after getting the phone? May want to do that when you get a chance so it's like new.

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Re: Help me PLZ!!!


Sorry to hear about the trouble with your phone. Have you taken your phone into a service and repair center? Visit to find a location closest to you.

If you want to try resetting your phone to factory default settings, be advised that you will lose all unsaved data that is not backed up. Here are some steps to process the master reset:

Please update us of what you decide to do?

Ruth E

Social Care Team


Re: Help me PLZ!!!

Yea i tried all of that before and it didn't work but for some odd reason the phone is now wrking and idk how for 2 and a half days staright it wasn't working but it works now THx everyone for your feedback.  But i did try the battery pull thing several times and it never worked

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