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How to Turn on/off the light with the three capacitive buttons.


How to Turn on/off the light with the three capacitive buttons.

On this HTC 4g LTE, there are the three capacitive buttons below the screen; 'back', 'home', 'recent apps'.  When I turn my phone on the back light comes on and lights these three buttons.  This is good.  However, I have noticed that after a moment the light goes off and then they are too dark to see anymore.  No matter where I touch on the screen or press volume or power/lock screen, or camera, nothing seems to turn on the light again until I let the phone lock itself after the set lock time. When I unlock the screen by dragging the ring, the three buttons are lit up again, but then once more they go dark and I can't get them to light up again. 

Does anyone know how to make them stay on? Is there some sort of time out setting for these buttons? I have tried the lock screen time out but can't see how that is directly related to the capacitive buttons. 

Is there some sort of undocumented swipe gesture or multi touch gesture that would turn this setting on/off? Any ideas??

Please help.



Re: How to Turn on/off the light with the three capacitive buttons.

The capacitive buttons are controlled the same way the screen is by the ambient light sensor. If you go into a bright room and cover the sensor you will see it adjust it's brightness. Take away your hand and it will adjust again. Unlike the screen which gets brighter in bright light the capactive buttosn will go dimmer as you don't need them lit to see them. Go into a darker room and the screen will go dimmer and the capacitive buttons will illuminate brighter.

The sensor is located just under the left edge of the speaker at the top edge of the glass.

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