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I have an EVO 4G LTE, and it's WiFi has made me depressed since I got it in June...


Re: I have an EVO 4G LTE, and it's WiFi has made me depressed since I got it in June...

Yeah I had tried that. I actually didn't even have my router set up for 5 GHz for the first month I had the phone. The problem actually seems worse on 2.4...


Re: I have an EVO 4G LTE, and it's WiFi has made me depressed since I got it in June...

I've had the exact same issue with my EVO LTE when connected to my home network. I haven't seen the WIFI drop when I'm connected at work (and I'm almost always connected usually streaming Spotify) but when I'm on my home network there will be 1-2 second drops where WIFI goes from full signal to zero, the phone falls back on 3G for 1-2 seconds, then re-recognizes the WIFI and reconnects. This is just long enough to kill any streaming or any internet activity whatsoever. VERY annoying. Now under the exact same network configurations I never experienced this with my original EVO 4G or EVO 3D. Only with the EVO LTE has this been an issue. I've since tried reconfiguring my WIFI network every which way but with no success. I then contacted HTC directly and for a while I went back and forth via email until they actually called me to try to diagnose the problem. They have since stopped following up as they too "seemed" to be stumped. Honestly I've grown tired of trying to chase down the source and fix for the issue and can only hope for a firmware update to fix it whenever that comes out. Either way this is a huge bummer because I've been loyal to HTC since the original EVO and now feel like they've given me a defective phone with no fix in sight. NOT COOL!!


Re: I have an EVO 4G LTE, and it's WiFi has made me depressed since I got it in June...

i too live in columbus ohio & have the same crappy service. i have made noise about it & still get nowhere. .sprint DOES NOT CARE that this effing phone do not work properly, i spent nearly an hour going back & forth esclating to managers at the sprint store, (actually yelling & clearly being irate) in easton & they had the nerve to tell me the phone has no known issues & works just fine, part of me was so heated i wanted to spit on the guy(assistant manager) after that comment, so to control myself i just walked out the store, however i'm still having the same issues..


2)terrible internet connection to no connection at all

3)not receiving phone/text messages unitl your in certain areas(literally if you have messages they all start coming in at the same time

4)dropped calls

5)unable to send text messages

everyone needs to just continue making these posts, because to my knowledge the only way to enjoy the phone as it was intended, you have to ROOT your phone, which is silly because then you are no longer getting any necessary updates the phone may need & this came directly from a best buy employee, plus i know someone who resulted to rooting their phone and have 0 issues. but i feel i pay sprint to provide me a service every month why should i go out my way to bypass that subpar ass service and have it rooted???? sprint in my book is the WORST CELL PHONE CARRIER out here, just because they know it's an issue and REFUSE to rectify it, but wait, dont pay that bill & they blowing you up for payment or disrupting service. i honestly have had sprint for 14 years, same account & they have showed me no type of customer service with this wack ass phone, i am so tired of this phone !! oh & by the way when i was speaking with the easton store assistant manager he always told me we sign contracts that state regardless of any issues with the phone after the first 14days you are stuck with the phone. do not worry im continuing to escalate & hoping i will get to whoever the head honcho is over this area because im not stopping until i have some type of satisfaction with this phone, or they give me a new one! and when i say new one i mean OTHER THAN THIS 4G LTE.


Re: I have an EVO 4G LTE, and it's WiFi has made me depressed since I got it in June...

Fireguy, I too have not been able to find those original threads. I do recall the issue though.

Here's a simple test others can try. Press on the back of the phone next to the camera opposite the flash. See if the signal gets better or stays the same. There was an issue where the antennas on the plastic back cover may have been tweaked and aren't making proper connection when placed back on the device. You don't have to try to press your thumb or finger through the phone, just apply some pressure.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.
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