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I've tried not to rant.....but.....


I've tried not to rant.....but.....

Ok, I've been following these threads since I got my LTE a couple months ago.  In general it's a fine phone.  Phone seems great, camera is awesome (for a phone), apps are fast, tons of storage, but there's just always something just not quite right.  I tried to 'look the other way' and just tolerate it, but enough is enough.

I've had issues with towers (even thogh my son's evo and daughter's evo 3d have not) and I chalk that up to Sprint makkeig a better network for that.  I can tolerate that-- for a while. 

I have the constant HTC restart issues, but so what.  I can deal with that-- occationally. 

WiFi essentially sucks.  Once i turned off 5ghz, it's a LITTLE better, but still not where it should be (even compared to older phones-- like the crappy replenish).  But ok, so what's a couple retries and slightly longer dl time really matter.  I can live with that.

But yesterday I nearly lost it.  I was at the state fair (MN) and my signal strength was 91%+ (using open signal maps app).  FULL bars.  I figured this would be great.  I can use the MN Fair app, and use google goggles, can post pics to facebook.  I'll be a fully connected fairgoer!..........NOPE!!!  NO INTERNET AT ALL.  '3G' was displayed at top.  Nothing could connect to the internet.  My son's EVO was FLYING!!!  Even my wife's Samsung REPLENISH piece of crap was slinging data left and right.  My new state of the art EVO LTE....NOTHING.   I noticed that the 'sync' icon at the top (circular arrows) was constantly popping up.  Does that indicate constant gaining and losing a 3g connection?  I didn't even dare try speedtest.  If facebook app couldn't load...I didn't care about the speed (if there was any).  I switched domestice voice on and off, change CDMA/LTE settings and all the tricks I have read in these fourms.  Nothing helped.

Then, I tried something and that was the last straw.  I texted my daugher a picture (picture mail)......nope.....'Failed after multiple attempts'.  Someting about 'Service Denied'.  My son's evo and wife's replenish could text pics no problem.  I tried updating my profile.prl, but got some error message about vdm service stopped or something.  I would have taken a screenshot, but in the see of thousands of people, it just wasn't happening.

Normal texting and phone calls worked fine (thank goodness). 

Then as we are leaving, I'm losing bars and ..... picture mail starts working as my daughter and wife get the pics I texted.....hours ago.

I don't have many options....I can go back to my old evo3d, but I paid $400 for this LTE and it sucks I can't use it (happily).

Sorry for the rant.  I was trying to keep these threads more positive, but my rose colored glasses broke last night.


Re: I've tried not to rant.....but.....

This doesn't help, but I hear you Mr. Homer.  I've just about given up trying to figure out what the issues are, and why Sprint or HTC hasn't fixed them yet.  There is something wrong, and I'm 99% certain it's the phone...  but yes, mine has been having data problems as well.  And since you mention the older EVO not having these problems it should be clear that there is something wrong with the LTE, not the network itself.  Wish I could help, but I'm in the same boat as you, data failures all the time with solid signal strength.  Could be an antenna, more likely a software bug. 


Re: I've tried not to rant.....but.....

Yea, I am HOPING it's a fw/sw bug.  I am going to try to hold out until the next fw/sw update.  After that update, if there are still big problems....I will have to bite the bullet and go back to my oldevo 3d. 

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