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Issue with slow wifi?


Issue with slow wifi?

I just picked up the white EVO 4G LTE last night.  I got it home and played around on wifi for an hour or two, with no issues.  Then out of nowhere, everything slowed to a crawl while connected to wifi.  Every other wifi device in my home, including smartphones that are much older, are connected and chugging along just fine while connected to wifi.  I went to bed, then woke up this morning, and the issue still persists.  I've tried everything....resetting my router, power cycling and SimPulling the phone....nothing works. 3G is working faster on this phone than wifi is, and I can assure you, in my coverage area, that's just sad. Anyone know what I can do to resolve this?

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Re: Issue with slow wifi?

Have you tried forgetting the network and re-establishing a WiFi connection? Sometimes this helps,

  • Settings > WiFi > Select Network

then press the Forget Button. After words, rediscover the network and reconnect.

Also, make sure all updates are applied.

  • Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Update

My GF got a replacement phone as her's was run over (car or truck) she got the white one. Needless to say, even though it was a brand new phone, none of the updates were applied. I mention this because several fixes were introduced for WiFi with the updates. So if the updates weren't applied on your phone, that's probably the reason your having an issue.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Re: Issue with slow wifi?

Im on the phone with these nitwits now. It has been a know issue for the past two months and they dont have a fix for it yet. What a bunch of crap. They tried to sell me mobile hotspot. Ha.  morons.   So now they want to give me a new phone which is a galaxy S 3 and I have the EVO LTE 4g. These Evos are the ones with the WIFI problem. Most cant connect at all.

Good luck. call the nitwits up and they will lie to you for a while and then you have to get a supervisor and they will give you the new phone. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

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