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List all the problem with the new update here please


List all the problem with the new update here please

Hello all:

please list the problem with the phone after the JB update here?



go into your settings-applications-running applications and see what all is running that shouldnt be. post what you see

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

The upgrade has been terrible.

I have one of the earliest 4g LTE phones released.

I took the upgrade on Sunday night the 16th.

It effectively "killed" my phone.

It powers on/off - screen freezes etc....

Sometimes I can't even power it back on.

It generates an HTC Error report stating that the the phone is recovering from an unknown error...

I have done the "hard reset" and that did not help.

Next stop is Sprint store... 

Net... very bad release  - stay away as long as you can.


problems with proximty sensor when making a call screen will either turn off or stay on when its suppose to stay on until you put the phone to your ear & sreen should turn on when you take phone off of your ear. also whats very annoying while on a call & receive another call you can hear the other call coming in but the screen will not turn on to see who is calling or to even answer the call even if you press the power button to turn screen on it will not only ignore the call but the screen will turn on & off  so you have to actually hang up on original call to see who called. already did factory reset, did calibrations & no change. i also check for software updates daily && no updates so far to fix problem. Plz fix ASAP


Well my navigation still freezes. Just realized that when in car mode my speakerphone doesnt work..its super low and unusable while in car mode.


My "Favorite People" widget is missing.

STILL not seeing notification of voice mails, so I'm missing voicemails unless I constantly check.

Should the Sprint Voicemail app work, or is that only for Visual Voice Mail? It has never worked since I did not opt into the premium service for $2/month.

When calling my phone to check voice mail, I don't get the Sprint prompts for voice mail, just a beep. Is this because I have Google Voice installed?


My phone is becoming laggy now... it takes about 5 seconds to open something. for example if i click on the clock to set my alarm, it takes 5 seconds to open the clock and then to click on the alram it takes another 5 seconds.

also to unlock to my phone, after i draw my pattern, it take 3-4 seconds to unlock... its so slow..

any solution

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