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MULTIPLE issues with Evo 4G LTE


MULTIPLE issues with Evo 4G LTE

I am beyond frustrated.  I have had multiple (and on-going) issues with my Evo 4G LTE starting right after I got the new one in June.  I've been to the store at least 4 or 5 times, called customer service at least a dozen times and had the phone replaced twice.  I'm now on my 3rd phone and still have the same issues.  I feel like I'm getting the run around.  Here are the different problems I've had, or have:

1.  Phone will not do updates (continual).  Error messages:  "General failure,"  "vDM client stopped unexpectedly," or (my personal favorite) just NOTHING.  It just won't let me click it.

2.  Phone will not show voice mail messages -- no notificatons when I have voice mail (continual).  No icon or visual voice mail indication.

3.  Intermittent issues with not receiving incoming calls (sporadic).

4.  Trouble with data (i.e., cannot get to Sprint Music Store, Ringtone Store, etc. - errors out telling me invalid credentials or account is blocked; sometimes get "service denied" error when sendping pictures via text message, weather data updates require manual prompt to show current information). 

5.  Phone will stop being able to take a reset (continual after a certain point).

I'm sure there are others I'm not aware of, simply because I don'ot use the feature often enough to realize there's a problem.

I've been through this now for weeks.  I've gotten the following information from Sprint:

1.  There is an update being worked on that will resolve all these issues.  It should be out "soon."  No ETA on the "soon."  And, it seems to me if my phone will not do updates, this upcoming one will not do me any good.

2.  New phone needed because mine 'fails' the diagonostic tests.  I'm on phone #3 with the exact same issues as I had on phone #1.

3.  My apps are causing the issues.  Really?  Why?  Taking them off doesn't cause the problem to go away, and phone #2 had the problems before I even put any apps back on it.

4.  Tower problems are causing my problems (for almost 8 straight weeks?).

5.  Factory reset (on all phones).  Seems to work for a few minutes afterward, then reverts back to "broken."  That is, if the phone will even take the reset.  They've gotten where they won't , then the replacement is ordered.

6.  Change over to CDMA only.  Been there, done that.  DIDN'T work.  Phone still has all of the above problems.

7.  Turn the phone off for an extended period, then back on.  Also didn't work.

I don't know what to do.  I paid a lot of money for this phone and continue to pay for service when the device isn't working the way it should.  I have been a Sprint customer for a long, long time (at least 15 years) and all this run-around I'm getting is really making me angry.  I loved my old Evo, and thought this one would be even better, but I have now have the recurring temptation of throwing this one out the window of my car going down the road at 70mph.  I'm sorry I didn't wait for the new Galaxy.

If anyone has any OTHER suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them.  I just want my phoone to work.

P.S.  I'm also getting tired of being told at the end of all my contact with Sprint staff to "please give them a good evalution when Sprint calls to check how things went."  (Not getting my issue resovled doesn't encourage me to want to give good evaluations.)

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