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Mic not working


Mic not working

Hello, the microphone on my EVO 4G LTE no longer works right. It does not work in phone calls and not when testing with the Voice Recorder app.

It seems to pick up extremely loud noises, like tapping the bottom edge of the phone on the table or yelling into the mic, but not normal conversation levels of speech or even loud speaking.

When I switch to speaker phone in a call, it works fine, it also works fine when using a plugged in headset.

I am not sure of what the nature of this problem is because it started working again some time ago only for the problem to return a few days later.

Are there any troubleshooting steps I can try? So far I have tried a factory reset of the phone, without success.

I'd really appreciate any pointers. Thanks! iq


Re: Mic not working


On the bottom of your phone there is a hole on the left side (kind of under the back button) this is the microphone. Make sure that no dirt or debris is in this. You could try to clean it out with a dry toothbrush. When plugging in a headset, they usually have a mic on them. Sometimes these parts do malfunction and no amount of cleaning will resolve this. If the toothbrush does not work, I would take it into a Service and Repair location. They may be able to replace the microphone portion of this. Keep in mind that they will need to run a full diagnostic on the phone and this does take a bit of time. To locate the nearest Service and Repair location, please visit Let me know if this helps you.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach out to us if you need anything further.

*Andi R.

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