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Mobile Data Connectivity issues


Mobile Data Connectivity issues

Recently, i had been getting attrocious 3G connectivity in CT. In fact more often then not i will simply not have any data availability, i did many restarts and simulsated battery pulls. The problem manifests itself with the 3G iconn illuminated on my top task bar, and the uplink arrow perminently lit, but no communication at all, i never receive data back to my phone. After scouring the internet i foud a suggestion that i go to mobile settings and change the mode from CDMA/LTE to CDMA only ... this solvent the problem immediately and i once again have connectivity. What i would like to know is why this is happening, is my LTE radio bad in some way causeing my issue? And what happens when LTE is live in CT.. will i no longer be able to access it? It is bad enough that when i purchased this phone i was told we would have LTE available some time in Q4 of 2012, which clearly didnt happen, it would be even worse if this phone has some kind of software/hardware defect not allowing connection. Any help or assistance would be apreciated.


Re: Mobile Data Connectivity issues

Im in the Boston metro area and have the exact same problem. We have LTE here though-it doesn't do it on LTE, just 3G. When it's doing it the uplink indicator is on solid and I cannot use data (or recieve text messages) If I wait a few minutes, it will eventually drop 3G, then reconnect and it will either be fine or repeat the cycle. Switching CDMA/LTE to CDMA immediately fixes it but because we have LTE here I can't leave it off otherwise, ha-ha, it won't connect to LTE! Also, LTE is too spotty to turn it off and on as needed. I'm in and out of LTE coverage areas all day. This started within the past week or two, I haven't changed anything on the phone recently and it has all avaliable updates. I did update the PRL/Profile but it didn't change anything. It'll go awhile without doing it as long as I'm stationary..But if I lose 4G and it goes to 3 it likes to do it..or seemingly when switching towers if I'm driving around.

I can only imagine this is a problem on Sprints end?


Re: Mobile Data Connectivity issues

Yes this is a very recent problem that started to manifest itself in just the last few weeks for me as well.... it is extremely frustrating, as for some reason also, the phone woont stay in CDMA only mode and continues to switch back to the LTE/CDMA mode without my knowledge


Re: Mobile Data Connectivity issues

It's possible your location is receiving upgrades. Others have reported that signal has been very crappy during and just after upgrades until the towers go live. This could be what your experiencing, but this is just a guess.

Leave your zipcode and nearest cross streets so hopefully an admin can take a look into it.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Re: Mobile Data Connectivity issues

I have the exact same issue YAY. This happens with your scenario and also when im not in LTE areas. It started when the new update came out. It is definitely on there end as this was due to update they released to try and fix the bugs. How ironic! Im really disappointed with my phone now. I didnt spend tons of money so i could have contant issues with connectivity. They need to update it again.


Re: Mobile Data Connectivity issues

here are some zipcodes where this has happened. It was not in one specific area but all over the state of connecticut.

and not one specific towe as i have watched myself hop from one tower to another and the same problem never correct itself after the hop.







Re: Mobile Data Connectivity issues


Thanks for posting. The problem you're experiencing may be due to the eHRPD data packet technology. LTE is an ip centric network; the beatuy of this technology is that LTE cores act as switches for anything internet and can deliver much faster speeds at the backhaul than a normal switch can perform. The LTE cores are dynamic as well, meaning that when one is overloaded another one can take over, instantly. The one thing that can be a problem is that the 3G 'extra high rate data packet') also pulls through an LTE core (which is why the Vision towers can deliver much faster 3G performance) and if one tower is Vision and the other Legacy (older tower) the technology doesn't translate and your phone drops the connection to use EVDO (evolution data optimized) the older 3G data standard. As we expand or plan to expand we may put an LTE core in your area causing some service issues due to eHRPD -EVDO technology differences. This is temporary as our engineers change the technology and optimize the network, most of the time on the software side.

Andrew B.

Sprint Social Care

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