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Multiple Problems (Time, App Update, Sending SMS, Navigation)


Multiple Problems (Time, App Update, Sending SMS, Navigation)

Within the last week (March 23rd on) I've been having the following issues:

1) The time does not update properly. I have the time showing on a widget on the home screen, on the top bar, on the lock screen, and the unlock screen. Lately, all 4 have shown a different time. Sometimes one of them is correct. Oftentimes, all of them are incorrect. If I go to Date & Time and have the time pulled from the Network, one or more of the times are corrected but for some reason it still does not update the time thereafter. I have even updated the time via the network and then unchecked that option and it still would not update the time correctly. This has caused my alarms to not go off on the times when they are set. I've read other posts that this might be a network issue rather than a phone issue.

2) I've tried to send SMS messages to people and the phone constantly shows that the message is still trying to be sent. This is even after I move into an area where I have a strong 3G (sometimes 4G) signal. I've even resent the message when I am in a strong signal area and the message does not get sent. When I ask the person I am sending the message to, sometimes they get the message multiple times, sometimes not at all. Receiving messages has been really bad. I used to get messages instantaneously. Now, I get a message hours after it has been sent.

3) I have been trying to update multiple apps on my phone. I usually do this when I am at home near my WiFi network. I see the app update download 100% but then it takes 10-15 minutes to install, sometimes not at all. I tried to update a 2MB app. It completely downloaded but would not install. Now my list of apps that needs updating has been growing and growing and I can't do anything about it.

4) Navigation has been crashing ever since the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013. I would use the navigation for a few minutes and then it would freeze and tell me that Maps has crashed. I have used other apps like Waze or Scout and they have not had any issues whatsoever. This needs to be fixed immediately as I use Navigation quite often.

To help with any network issues, these problems are happening in the following areas:

90703, Cedarcreek Lane, Alondra Blvd and Bloomfield Ave

90703, Gridley Ave and South St

90245, Imperial Hwy and Nash St

Please help!


Re: Multiple Problems (Time, App Update, Sending SMS, Navigation)

Hello Kepi,

I read everything you had wrote and that has to be very frustrating. I looked at all the locations and there are some issues. The Alondra blvd and Bloomfield 90703, Gridley ave and South st 90703 they both have a cell site outage that should be closed in a couple of days.  Imperial Hwy and Nash St. 90245 the tower is at 0% that needs a network ticket done so we can get technicians out to the tower. If I can get your help please. Can you please send an email to with your phone number, full name, and exact address, this tread? I can get technicians out to that tower. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you,


Sprint Social Care Team

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