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My EVO 4G LTE took a dive today


My EVO 4G LTE took a dive today

So the phone has not been responding right for a while ( touch sensitivity, notification bar not responding )

Today I pulled it off the charger and turned it on and all I see is thousands of tiny pixels on a white backround.

Won`t respond to touch, basically useless! Phone rings and receives messages which I can`t see.

Tried resetting, turning it on and off a number of times. Still nothing. Pretty bad for only six months.

Guess it`s time for a Samsung.

Any one else have this happen?


Re: My EVO 4G LTE took a dive today

>Guess it`s time for a Samsung.

You are in for a disappointing surprise: you can't upgrade that early unless you want to pay the full 549$ for a new one.


Re: My EVO 4G LTE took a dive today

Have you attempted to perform a Hard Reset?

Restart the phone, soon as the phone goes black, press and hold the Volume Down Button. This will boot into the Recovery menu. Hopefully it's not pixelated as well. You can choose to do a Hard Reset or you can see if it will boot normal without pixelation.

If rebooting or a Hard Reset does not cure the problem, I would suggest taking the phone to a Sprint Repair Center.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Re: My EVO 4G LTE took a dive today

Thank you all for posting on Sprint Community!


I'm sorry about the trouble with your current phone. snotrs' suggestion of performing a hard reset is very helpful. Be sure to back-up any data from the phone that is valuable to you, as a hard reset will bring your phone back to factory default settings. The best option would be to have a technician look at your phone. Would you be able to have your phone diagnosed at a Sprint service and repair center? I'll be happy to look up a local store in your area.

Ruth E

Social Media Care


Re: My EVO 4G LTE took a dive today


smotrs and only1ruth.e for your suggestions.

I have tried the hard reset with no luck. I also went to a Sprint store and they said they had never seen

that before.

I was actually in the process of selling the phone back to Sprint when it died.

So now I guess I will be sending it to HTC under 1 year warranty.

Thanks again,


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