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My Evo 4g LTE won't turn on.


Re: My Evo 4g LTE won't turn on.

Phone went dark after being charged all night.  Red light would not turn on putting it back on charger.

Kept holding power button down until a debug/report page showed up on the screen.

Selected reboot

Able to get phone to restart at that time.

Hope this helps someone.   If your battery is good, it is the phone locked up.



Re: My Evo 4g LTE won't turn on.

You can try a SimPull which is the act of holding the battery button for 10+ seconds which simulates a battery pull. If it still doesn't start, make sure the battery is charged, plug it in for about 15-20 min or longer  with the factory charger to make sure there is enough juice.

Lastly, see the following thread on the same subject which appears to have been resolved.


My Evo 4g LTE won't turn on.

I just got my Evo 4g LTE 2 days ago, I love it, however I turned it off as I was coming onto a bad lightning storm, And now it won't turn back on, or even charge. It's Dead. I am an OTR truck driver and won't be able to get to a sprint store for 2 weeks, So any ideas would be appreciated, Is there a Re-Set button somewhere?