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My phone powers down by itself will not turn on TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE


My phone powers down by itself will not turn on TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

I have been a loyal customer of sprints for many many years! My husband and I loved Sprint up untill now! Had I know back in December that my BRAND NEW EVO 4G LTE would break due to a manafacturing issue and that sprint wouldn't be willing to listen and make me a happy customer I would have NEVER renewed my contract! About 3 weeks ago my phone started shuting itself off and rebooting then leaving me an error message to submit to HTC. Everytime it rebooted and did this I always sent the error message back in the hopes HTC would get it and find a fix. Well now my phone powered itself down and wont turn on all together after taking it to a Sprint Tech. It has a full battery. Infact its on the charger now it does not register that its even plugged in. I went to a Sprint store on Friday and the guys response to me was basically I had put something on the phone to cause a software glitch and that they would just simply factory reset the phone and it should be fine. After I explained to him that its NOT an app causing this since the only apps on my phone were there from the factory not ones I had added I didn't think that would help he wanted to still tell me that the only fix was to erase my phone and start over. I again told him I needed my pictures saved but I didn't want the phone restarted because I was afraid it wouldn't turn back on he said there was nothing they could do and it wasn't worth writing a ticket up for it. I left the store highly pissed off and I left before I blew up. Saturday I went to a different location a large repair store and explained what had happened. I explained I had gotten the phone back on and I did a manual reset last evening once I managed to save my photos and that the phone had once again turned itself off and wouldn't come back on. And It still had full battery charge. The tech got it to turn on for a minute and then infront of him it powered down attempted to reboot itself again but couldn't. He asked if I would leave I did for about 5 hours when I went back they informed me it was a defect with the phone not an app problem, not a software problem but an actual default with the phones hardware. Mind you I purchased this phone in December its only 3 1/2 months old. I asked what my options were they explained I could send it to HTC and they could maybe repair or replace it but they didn't recommend that because it would a month or more before I saw my phone again. 2nd option was go through insurance pay the deductible and probably get a remanned phone or 3rd option was go thru Sprint and they would order my phone and it would be sent but would be a remanned phone also. I told them I wasn't happy with these options that my phone was barely 3 months old I believed due to it being a hardware issue and the phone age that Sprint should give me a new replacement not a remanned one. The manager told me no that Sprints policy says remanned only when infact it says new, reman, like new..... I asked why would I want a refurbished phone when a brand new cannot even work? He said again he had a black refurbished phone at the store he was willing to give me and I told him no I have the White EVO 4g LTE. I like my phone and I wanted my phone. He said I could contact customer service at Sprint so I had him call from the store. I sat on hold for 45 minutes after being told without asking that a supervisor could help.... Finally I had the manager call on another while I was on hold and got ahold of a representative. That person finally got a manager and she explained normally they give a refurbished phone but if the manager wanted they could give me a new phone tonight at the store it wouldnt be an issue. I put sprint on with the sales manager so he could hear her say it was ok they could do that and that is when he said he wasnt able to to it but his assistant manager or store manager could. So feeling a little better because Sprint on the phone said no problem I left and finally let them close since I actually held up the store from closing for 45 minutes. I waited today for the assistant manager to call me she never did I actually had to call her and she said NO no matter what Sprint said she would not give me a new phone from the store at all NO WAY NO HOW! That she was actually going to complain about this to Sprint! I asked her why it was a problem and give me a good reason why she wont help me she had NO REASON. She kept avoiding that answer when I asked about a manufacturing warranty she tried not answer also! I again asked why she couldnt give me a new phone like Sprint said she could and again she had no viable answer just NO! No I have been with Sprint for 15 to 16 yrs my account is paid, we never fight over phones, we always re up our contract when its upgrade time, we always go in to Sprint not another place like Walmart or Best Buy...... ever and now Sprint wont help me. I called customer service today and they immediately said it shouldnt be an issue the store could have helped that cannot help at this time which I dont understand but to go thru the Manufacture?????? NOW GO THRU HTC! I hung up called HTC and explain what is going on. They wanted to link to my phone via my computer but no longer can because the tech at Sprint actually BROKE my phone to where it wont turn at all unlike before! They said that Sprint should replace the phone they do not replace phones if they take my phone and see that repairing it is not an options they boot it back to Sprint for Sprint to replace with a NEW phone! SOOOOOOOOO Sprint customer service says I should get a new phone, HTC says I should get a new phone but WHY WONT ANYONE GIVE IT TO ME AT THE STORE????? My phone is 3 months old I am highly angry, unsatisfied with the way this is being handled, I am unhappy, My husband is unhappy, I love Sprint I love my HTC EVO 4G LTE.... I want my phone fixed or replaced with a NEW phone in WHITE not a REFURBISHED phone that might break for god knows what reason. I have never complained always been a happy customer and that is now out the window. I used to tell everyone GET SPRINT GET SPRINT now I just wish my contract was up so i didnt feel like I am stuck with worst company ever. Sprint used to pride itself on quality and customer satisfaction .... I guess its all about $$$$$$ and not about the customers! 15 yrs we have been customers and I cant get a little goodwill or courtesy! I dont think I am asking for to much since my phone is practically brand new. Giving me a new phone wont cause Sprint, the managers, sprint stocks or anyone else harm it will simply give me a new phone and help restore a little faith in a company I have always been happy with!

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Re: My phone powers down by itself will not turn on TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

I too am a loyal customer for 13 years. Unfortunately I'm thinking of leaving Sprint once my contract is up I'm on my third Evo LTE due to hardware and software issues with my last two phones. HTC is also to blame for manufacturing defective phones. Verizon is looking pretty good right now.

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