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Need help for I have a headache from my phone


Need help for I have a headache from my phone

Can someone, anyone please help me to understand why the phone I have (that is just two months old) is not properly connecting to any mobile network. I only receive 3G and every now and then I see 4G, but most of the time I am closer to town, I am disconnected. Has 4G LTE fully working in Atlanta? What do I need to do to have my phone connected to the mobile network?

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Re: Need help for I have a headache from my phone

Hello and Thank you for using Communities.  Sorry to hear about the trouble with your phone, I know that can be frustrating.  Either your phone's activation is corrupt or the "radios" are defective.  Atlanta is currently at about 30% completed for our 4G LTE rollout.  We are making progress in completing the LTE rollout everyday. 

To wipe/reactivate your Sprint programming information, you can private message me to get the steps, or call into to Tech Support and ask for an SCRTN.  No personal information will be erased, only the Sprint activation information.  Plus this process will check your Preferred Roaming Lists and Firmware. 

Then if the problem continues, we can check your trending report for trouble and determine if it's the Network, meaning particular locations you are frequenting, or your device. 



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