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No more Pandora Radio


No more Pandora Radio

Since the software update, I can no longer use my Pandora Radio while on the 3g network. Can only use it when connected to wifi. Also, since the the update I have less wifi strength when I'm connect at home. What happened in thus last software update and please fix it.


Re: No more Pandora Radio

I have used Pandora, youtube, slacker radio (basically streaming services) via cellular with no issues.

there could be other issues in your handset that could be causing this.

can you try another streaming service, such as youtube, on cellular and see if you are able to view a streaming file?

do you get an error message when you open up pandoras box?

what other troubleshooting steps have you taken?

you may need to do a factory reset. there are rare times when updating via OTA causes some things to get tangled in the update process, to which only a factory reset will cure.

sounds like you may have a simple issue and perhaps uninstalling/re installing the app may help. if you want to try this, go to the app in the app section , force close it, clear cache, remove it. reboot the handset, re install pandora and test.

you should see the data arrows active if the app tries to stream. take notice if they do or not.

report back to the class...


Re: No more Pandora Radio

It's an issue with the Pandora app, You need to contact the developer.


Re: No more Pandora Radio

I just tested Pandora and SiriusXM and both stream fine on 3G.


Re: No more Pandora Radio

then the issue is the network in his area...since he's able to play it over wifi then that would be my guess

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