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Not in System After Warranty Service (ClickIT Tickets are not working)


Not in System After Warranty Service (ClickIT Tickets are not working)

My dad purchased a new phone after his HTC 4g LTE stopped working. It was still within the warranty period so I sent it to HTC for repairs. After it returned I attempted to activate it on my account to replace my aging Epic 4g Touch. Support said that the serial number was not in the system and they would have to do a clickIT ticket which takes 3 to 5 days. After 5 days I called back and tried to activate it again. It was still not in the system so they then did another ClickIT Ticket. 5 days passed and I called again. This time we called HTC and I was told that HTC Corporate would call me back in a few days. After a few days passed with no phone call from HTC I called Sprint again. The agent called HTC and was told that HTC had nothing else they could do at their end to get this phone loaded into the system. So again we did a clickIT ticket. The agent said that he would call me back last saturday and we would work this out. I have yet to receive his call and it is now the following saturday. Yesturday my Epic 4g Touch found itself in the toilet and I was forced to make the decision to end my contract with Sprint (this is really ridiculous) however my father would like to have this phone activatable in the event that his phone fails seeing as though it takes a VERY LONG time to have your phone repaired and eventually activated in the Sprint system. What can we do here people?

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