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Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE


Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

I just got a new Evo 4g LTE from BestBuy 2 days ago. The second thing I did after getting the phone (first was to activate it) was to try and update the software, PRL, profile, etc. Nothing seemed to need an update. I even tried to update any of the apps, but everything was latest. I then took lot of pains to get it all set up for me. But I have started seeing multiple problems:-

1) The proximity sensor does not seem to be working. During a call, the screen would not turn ON when I bring the phone away from my ear. Also, screen won't stay ON while it's away from my ear. During (or when I just start) a call, it shuts off immediately. Sometimes when I press the power button the screen would come ON for less than 1 sec and switch back OFF. On those occasions, I have to press power button multiple times to finally get the screen to stay ON. I have a screen protector on it. Although I have read that removing the screen protector might help, I do not want to remove it as I would hate to scratch the screen on brn new phone.

2) The 3G speeds are too slow --- ~30kbps as compared to my original evo 4G which gave me ~200kbps in the same exact location(s) --- yes I did try it in various locations. These are the speeds without any case on the phones. And I am paying $10/month extra for "premium data service"??? I have tried updating the prl multiple times, but to no avail.

3) It keeps on loosing the wireless connection in the house. In some cases it's showing me poor signal strength when all other wireless devices, including original Evo 4G, shows good or excellent signal strength. This is with the 2.4GHz band. It almost never is able to connect to the 5GHz signal. This even without any case on the LTE phone.

4) The ringer on the phone is not loud enough. I have tried various different ringtones, but nothing seems to help. Even with the volume turned absolutely high it's not as loud as original Evo.

5) The colors on the screen are really bad -- especially the skin colors. The colors have a warm/reddish undertone.

6) The battery of Evo LTE does not even last 1 day without even having any resource hungary apps installed yet. Infact my old (original) Evo lasts longer than this new one. And no I do not have the extended battery on it. It still has it's original battery that came with it 2 years ago.

7) On original Evo, I could independently change the volume for the speaker-phone speaker and for the near-the-ear speaker. In Evo LTE, I am unable to do so. If I increase the 'In-call volume' while on speaker phone and then go back to non speaker-phone mode, the in ear volume is too high even though I did not change that volume.

8) While dialing a phone, the original Evo used to vibrate as soon as the phone started ringing. Sometimes it can take upto 30-40sec before the phone actually starts dialing. This feature of original Evo helped me a lot in multitasking as I used to use that as a cue to put the phone to the ear. But Evo LTE does not do that.

9) I would like to change the locking/unlocking mechanism of Evo LTE to same as that of original Evo as I am used to it and it was a lot simpler to use while driving.

10) One of the apps that I have on my evo 4g is no longer available on the google play store. I use it extensively and absolutely need it. Can you tell me how to get it?

By the way, the phone seems to be heating up quite a bit while using as well. I am not sure if it's by design or what. I just hope that it dos not reduce the life of the phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix these problems? Can Sprint reps help pass this along to their HTC counterparts for immediate fix? From what I have read online until now, a lot of people are having simillar problems and exchanging phones has not really helped. I guess Sprint/HTC rolled out these phones without proper testing.

I have been a Sprint customer for almost 10years now. My contract with Sprint expires in 1 week. With LTE network not even rolled out and such major issues with Sprint's flagship product, is it worth it to stay with Sprint or should I jump ship to a different carrier? I am not really thrilled with Sprint's (lack of) customer service in any case.


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

Sorry to hear you are having so many problems. I believe I can help with transferring your app though, I use my backup pro to do that. Simply put the sd card you use in your LTE in the EVO download the app, backup your apps to sd then transfer the sd to your new phone and open the back up. You can select to only backup apps and even specify which ones. Good luck. I hope that helps


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

Am also having a bunch of issues. However the data speed on 3g is the main isssue I get 50kbs tops at my house when I used to get 1.6 mgps arghh so annoying.


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

WAIT I FOUND THE SOLUTION! Go to settings> mobile network settings> netwok mode and select  CDMA Only. It fixed my issue look at my screenshot notice the before and after woho!Screenshot_2012-06-02-16-24-21.png


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

Thanks for trying, but that did not help me. I am still stuck at the same slow speeds.


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

Wow. My wife had the OG EVO and I upgraded her to the EVO LTE.  The only two issues she's had that are like yours are the slow 3G issue and wifi issue. Everything else is better on the new EVO compared to the original. I'm guessing an OTA update will be coming soon to address those two problems as those are the most common ones. The screen is considered to be the highest quality screen out right now so I can't sympathize with you there. I think your battery issues are because of the 3G issues, not being able to get a strong connection, which would also explain your over heating issues. The proximity sensor issue is definitely the screen protector making it do that. If you want to keep the screen protector on you might want to take it off first and cut a notch where the sensor is (between the HTC logo and the edge of the left upper corner of the screen).

All-in-all, you seem very unsatisfied with the phone. If I were that unsatisfied with a product of this caliber, I would just take it back and either get it exchanged, or get a refund...before your 14 days are up.


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

After having my EVO LTE for a week, this is what I can help you with.....

There are two sensors in the upper left.  The light sensor and the proximity sensor.  Light sensor is cut out of many of the screen protectors, the proximity sensor is not.  go to your dialer and dial     *#*#3424#*#*     this will take you to the HTC diagnostics.  Run the p sensor test and in a dark room you will see a little red light just to the left of the light sensor, 1/8 of an inch or so.  This is covered by the screen protector and needs to either be cut out, or removed.

Download an app call "widget locker" to alter your lockscreen to your liking.

As far as the app that you cant find, more than likely it doesnt run on android 4.0, and thus you wont see it in the market. go to and see if you can contact the creator and discuss any resolution to that.

I have no batt issues, my LTE lasts at least 1.5x longer then my OG EVO.

I do see some overheating, but only when im using it a lot.

The phone taking 30-40 secs to dial is an issue definately..

Have you attempted a hard reset?  Ive seen some users with problems do that and it cleared them up.

Let me know if I can help further.


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

I have had the EVO since the 25th and have had no problems.If you had bad 3G speeds before you have the same speed now the old EVO used 4G so it was faster nothing to do about that until LTE comes to your town.Check your router I use 5GHz N and it works fine check your settings,change to another channel that may help.The battery life should be longer than that ,I just had 24hr yesterday and mine has not gone completely dead yet. Make sure you have LTE/CMDA off and only CMDA on in settings.The screen lock is android 4.0 face lock and or pattern I don't think you can change it back without rooting the phone just not worth it.As for #8 I don't know I use a Bluetooth makes my life easier If the program is not in the play store try Amazon if not there forget it they may must not be doing updates or it could be removed because of spyware?


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

you can change just about anything with the phone without rooting...research different launchers, lock screen apps etc.  really is a fun way to customize your phone and make it your own.


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

Yes you can to some extent but to make 4.0 ICS to act like honeycomb is not that easy on stock without root.If he can't figure out easy settings on a new phone there is no need to try launchers etc. if you don't know how the phone is supposed to work.I would completely understand ICS and settings first before jacking the phone up with stuff and then saying the phone is broke!


Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

More then likely, he wants to make it act like the gingerbread/old sense lock screen seeing as honeycomb was the tablet version, i doubt his OG EVO was running honeycomb.  He never said he didn't know how it was "supposed to work".  Face unlock and pattern unlock are default off, so I assume he is not using them.  I am assuming that he would rather the slide go left to right instead of down to up.  To that matter a simple app, widget locker, will allow this.  Very easy to use, simple instructions pop up the first time you run it.  Based on his comment of settings he can/can't change (volume/market/sound/prox sensor) I think he as a better understanding of his settings than you seem to think.

This is my lock screen, 2 minutes after downloading the app....not hard at all.



Re: Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I did try some of them and following are the results until now:-

1) Proximity sensor - I did cut out a part of the screen protector, but that made it act even more finicky. During a call, the screen would just turn on and off on it's own. So I completely removed the screen protector. The phone is acting better now. It mostly works as it should, i.e. during a call take the phone near the ear and the screen turns off. Take the phone away from the ear and the screen tuns back on. But the keyword here is - mostly. Even now sometimes it's behaving erratically such that sometimes the screen would not turn on while the phone is away from the ear.

2) 3G speeds - I have tried changing to CDMA only mode. That has not helped. I even tried a hack mentioned on xda website to 0 out the HTTP proxy port and server. That has not changed anything either. The slow 3G speeds are really bugging me.

3) WiFi - I have checked my router settings etc. but that has not helped. My laptop works fine. I have a portable wireless music streaming internet radio. I have only used it on 2.4GHz band. But I just tried by changing it over to the 5GHz band and it works perfectly fine anywhere in the house without ever loosing the connection. Infact, I took it to my neighbours, and it still continued to stream music without issues even though the signal strength there was poor. But my LTE phone, would not work on the 5GHz band even in my own house. The only place it seems to work at is when the phone is next to the router.

I did hard powercycle it a number of times. Now the phone is not loosing the wifi connection on 2.4GHz band as much, but it's still loosing it sometimes. I think it's highly susceptible to noise in that band. Whenever I turn my microwave ON, the LTE phone almost always is losing connection to WiFi - not all the time, but most of the times. At other times there is nothing causing interference in the house, but it would still sometimes loose connection.

4) Ringer loudness - I have not seen any suggestions to help with this and have not been able to find anything on the internet that could help either.

5) Screen colors - I have not seen any suggestions to help with this and have not been able to find anything on the internet that could help either. This really bugs me as some of my fiance's best photos are in a orangish red dress and this phone just kills those. This phone make her look orange like John Beohner!!!

6) Battery drain - Changing to just the CDMA mose seems to have helped with the battery life. I am able to get about 9hrs out of one charge now while using a phone a bit intermittently.

7) Independently change the volume of speaker phone and the near-the-ear speaker - I have not seen any suggestions to help with this and have not been able to find anything on the internet that could help either.

8) Phone not vibrating when the riging starts on the other side - After taking off the screen protector, this is no longer an issue. The phone vibrates every time the ringing actually starts.

9) Locking/Unlocking - No I do not want my phone to behave like honeycomb or anything like that. And no, I am not using the face unlock. It's a circle that you have to pull up to unlock. I just want the original pull down kind of thing that kmoore7580 just showed above. I'll try that app today and let you know how that goes.

10) Transferring the app - I still have to try that. After reading all the suggestions about it, I think it shouldn't be tough. I will also contact the author and see why it was removed from the store in the first place. It no longer shows in the list of downloaded apps even on my original EVO any more even though it's installed and working fine on it.

11) Phone heating up - I have not seen any suggestions to help with this and have not been able to find anything on the internet that could help either.

I normally do not buy phones on the first day that they come out. I know that buying a phone on the 1st day of the release is almost like signing up to be a beta-tester. I dropped my original EVO 2 weeks ago and cracked the screen pretty bad. So I had no option, but to upgrade using my fiance's upgrade.

Could I have a lemon here? That is possible. Although I think that with everyone's help here I was able to fix atleast some of the problems. The problems that still persist are something that (mostly) everyone else is facing as well - more-or-less. So I doubt that it's just my phone. Still, I'll try and take it in to BB tomorrow and see if I can xchange and if that resolves my WiFi problems.

Once again, thanks everyone for your suggestions. Please let meknow if you find anything for the other issues that are still present.

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