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Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE


Numerous problems with the new Evo LTE

I just got a new Evo 4g LTE from BestBuy 2 days ago. The second thing I did after getting the phone (first was to activate it) was to try and update the software, PRL, profile, etc. Nothing seemed to need an update. I even tried to update any of the apps, but everything was latest. I then took lot of pains to get it all set up for me. But I have started seeing multiple problems:-

1) The proximity sensor does not seem to be working. During a call, the screen would not turn ON when I bring the phone away from my ear. Also, screen won't stay ON while it's away from my ear. During (or when I just start) a call, it shuts off immediately. Sometimes when I press the power button the screen would come ON for less than 1 sec and switch back OFF. On those occasions, I have to press power button multiple times to finally get the screen to stay ON. I have a screen protector on it. Although I have read that removing the screen protector might help, I do not want to remove it as I would hate to scratch the screen on brn new phone.

2) The 3G speeds are too slow --- ~30kbps as compared to my original evo 4G which gave me ~200kbps in the same exact location(s) --- yes I did try it in various locations. These are the speeds without any case on the phones. And I am paying $10/month extra for "premium data service"??? I have tried updating the prl multiple times, but to no avail.

3) It keeps on loosing the wireless connection in the house. In some cases it's showing me poor signal strength when all other wireless devices, including original Evo 4G, shows good or excellent signal strength. This is with the 2.4GHz band. It almost never is able to connect to the 5GHz signal. This even without any case on the LTE phone.

4) The ringer on the phone is not loud enough. I have tried various different ringtones, but nothing seems to help. Even with the volume turned absolutely high it's not as loud as original Evo.

5) The colors on the screen are really bad -- especially the skin colors. The colors have a warm/reddish undertone.

6) The battery of Evo LTE does not even last 1 day without even having any resource hungary apps installed yet. Infact my old (original) Evo lasts longer than this new one. And no I do not have the extended battery on it. It still has it's original battery that came with it 2 years ago.

7) On original Evo, I could independently change the volume for the speaker-phone speaker and for the near-the-ear speaker. In Evo LTE, I am unable to do so. If I increase the 'In-call volume' while on speaker phone and then go back to non speaker-phone mode, the in ear volume is too high even though I did not change that volume.

😎 While dialing a phone, the original Evo used to vibrate as soon as the phone started ringing. Sometimes it can take upto 30-40sec before the phone actually starts dialing. This feature of original Evo helped me a lot in multitasking as I used to use that as a cue to put the phone to the ear. But Evo LTE does not do that.

9) I would like to change the locking/unlocking mechanism of Evo LTE to same as that of original Evo as I am used to it and it was a lot simpler to use while driving.

10) One of the apps that I have on my evo 4g is no longer available on the google play store. I use it extensively and absolutely need it. Can you tell me how to get it?

By the way, the phone seems to be heating up quite a bit while using as well. I am not sure if it's by design or what. I just hope that it dos not reduce the life of the phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix these problems? Can Sprint reps help pass this along to their HTC counterparts for immediate fix? From what I have read online until now, a lot of people are having simillar problems and exchanging phones has not really helped. I guess Sprint/HTC rolled out these phones without proper testing.

I have been a Sprint customer for almost 10years now. My contract with Sprint expires in 1 week. With LTE network not even rolled out and such major issues with Sprint's flagship product, is it worth it to stay with Sprint or should I jump ship to a different carrier? I am not really thrilled with Sprint's (lack of) customer service in any case.


At least your phone stays on...

BUMP - need to keep the thread alive.

We took our phone to the nearest Spring store who then made us dribve to the Sprint service depot. At that location - Sprint refused to support the HTC warranty; they commanded we call HTC directly OR pay them $35 and they would support the warranty. Really???

I call HTC support and they have escalated to a Tier 2 support techician. At first the Tech was trying to balme Spring network and has asked us to go back to Sprint and ask them to re-provision the phone. HTC has been good at calling back and using us as a test bed of sorts.

Trouble is I have a job that pays already - I am now a "non paid" member of the HTC tech crew and to boot I am the consultant who mediates between HTC and Sprint.

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE Evo 4G LTE - At least until Spring and HTC can work togther to solve these major issues.

TASK: If you are having boot loop, and constant restart issues, contact HTC and report the issue not Sprint. Post to as many forums as possible to raise visibility into the issue. HTC seems willing to repair the issue but they first need to get a lot of data points to determine the root cause.


New issue for me in the last 1.5 weeks. I cannot stream anything over 3g anymore. Pandora & Google music will just buffer and then switch to the next song. Did a wipe, updated the phone, even went as far to change the HTTP proxy settings and nothing will stream. Everything works just fine on Wifi. I was told after 30 minutes on the phone with a rep to take the device into a store to have it fixed. Sounds more like a network issue. Anyone else having similar issues?


depending on your location really. post your zip and closets cross streets so one of the techs can look into it.

its rare to find anyone that can stream anything off 3G without it buffering every few minutes...theres a good chance theyre either doing backhaul work on some towers around you or possibly NV..

i couldnt stream here if my life depended on count yourself lucky..

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

I spoke with tech support this morning. The problem only started after the last OTA update. Nothing streams anymore on 3g. They want me to take my phone in to get looked at instead of actually admitting there is a problem.

EDIT: My zip is 75074.


Hate to say it but the OTA is not the problem it is the 3G network in your area mine if I'm in a good area music will play but youtube will not .Take it in if you want I don't think they can do a thing but give it a try.


i install the SignalCheck Pro app on my LTEVO, and the difference on signal, even standing in front of the antenna is -30bd in LTE. example, the 1xRTT or the EV-DO is in -65db and the LTE is in -95db. so, the problems is NOT software, is Hardware. the very poor LTE antenna is the issue, not the Radio File or the updates.


That was known from day one.The phone would stream if we had LTE but the 3G in my area is weak .We are just getting LTE here now a year latter.

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