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Phone rings... Dials out on answer


Phone rings... Dials out on answer

I've been experiencing some strangeness with my EVO 4G LTE. sometimes when I get a call and I answer it on the first ring, the phone dials out as if I were the one placing the call. What's more is that it calls a complete stranger, and not the person that was trying to call me. Anyone else been experiencing this?


Hello and welcome to the Communities.  That is strange indeed.  It's definitely not the norm.  Here are some things to consider in diagnosing the root cause of the problem. 

  • Does this happen anywhere you go or is it happening in only one location?
  • Are you "cheek" dialing?  Meaning is your screen not turning off when it's next to your cheek?
  • Answering on the first ring?  So if you let it ring longer, does the problem stop?
  • See if you have "Dialer Storage" that can be cleared.  Settings - Apps - All at the top - Dialer Storage - Clear data.  WARNING ~ this will erase your call log.
  • Did the problem begin after downloading an app from the Play Store? If so, uninstall the app and see if the problem goes away.

If you do NOT have a dialer storage that can be cleared, it's difficult to determine whether the problem is software or hardware related. It may require a hard reset. If the phone was dialing random numbers fresh out of the box, then it could be a hardware issue and would need to be tested at a local Sprint Service & Repair Center.





This is also happening, rather inconsistently with mine and my wife's phones. Especially, when calling or receiving calls from other Sprint Customers. I have the EVO 4G and my wife has the EVO 3D. I attempted to call customer service and technical support told me to take the phone to a tech center. I have not had the time as I work while the stores are opened.

My cousin has also told me that she has had this happen within the last three weeks a few times, once when I called her. The phone shows that the person that is actually trying to call you is calling you, I know this because I don't answer numbers that I'm not familiar with (leave a message, I'll get back to you), I attempted to answer my cousins call and the phone rang and some lady was on the line...because I thought it was my cousin, I said her name and the lady said, " must have the wrong number and hung up." My phone does not register an outbound call. In addition, my cousin had gotten my voicemail and left me a message that I could understand, it was very choppy. Clearly something going bad with Sprint's service as a whole. I'm sure their service issue complaints are rising. I just hope things get better, or I will not be renewing like I had planned to.

BTW, the same thing has happened, pretty much verbatim between myself and my wife. Never happened before with any other service. My wife and I now confirm we are who we are before speaking as this seems to be an issue that has not yet been resolved.

Hope knowing it's not just you helps.

Sprint - Fix this please!!!


Thanks ChiMarathonr. Sorry that you too are dealing with this problem, but it is nice to know that I'm not the only one. I'm in Atlanta, and presume that you're in Chicago. I'd say that this has been happening for about a month. I don't get that many calls, so it hasn't been that big of a deal. But I use my phone for a lot for work, so it's pretty embarrassing when this happens when a client is calling.

Anyway, I finally got around to calling Sprint last Saturday. Supposedly their systems were down and I was told to take my phone into a store. When I got to the store, the line was about 15 deep... So I just left. So much for JD Power ranked customer service.

Tom's suggestions above are not helpful. Cheek dialing? Really??? How can I be cheek dialing when I'm answering an incoming call? You don't answer your phone with your cheek, you press the answer button.

It happens in different places, and when different people are calling me. If I knew that it started after I downloaded an app... I would have obviously tried removing the app...  so maybe... but I don't know.

I have only noticed that it happens on the first ring. Maybe it's a bug in the Android OS --- or an HTC flaw --- but that doesn't make sense due to the fact that I'm connected to a total stranger after answering (i.e., not someone from my contact list). I would think that the problem is in the switch... somehow connecting the wrong calls. What's weird is that my caller ID shows whose calling before I answer... It's just that it dials out to some stranger after I answer.

Please link ChiMarathonr and my incidents, and open a problem ticket.

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