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Phone won't turn on!


Phone won't turn on!

The battery probably went dead over night, and even after charging for 2+ hours the next day, the phone will not turn on at all (even when still on charger).  Took it to Sprint store for fix and they said that all I had to do was charge it a little.  Any thoughts?  Don't want to have to drive to store again if possible.  Is there possibly a way to to a battery pull?


There is no battery pull on this device. Sorry. I found this on google. Hopefully this will help.


The instructions Ray provided should get you started again. When the battery gets completely discharged it doesn't seem to want to start normally. When the battery discharges, it starts to act like its completely out of the circuit. Pressing and holding the power button for up to a minute, yes a minute, performs the action of reintegrating the battery to the circuit so-to-speak.

Not sure of the exact purpose, maybe to prevent irreparable harm like cell batteries left dead in a flashlight. Not sure. but I suspect it's something like that.

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