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Poor voice dialer peformance/missing mic buttons


Poor voice dialer peformance/missing mic buttons

The initial excitement of enhancements rolled out with the Jellybean update, have quickly faded into endless frustrations and dissapointment with my EVO 4G LTE.  Absolutely would not have traded this device for another prior to Jellybean.  It has been extreemly productive for all of my business needs under ICS.

1)  Have other users had issues with the voice dialer from the phone application?  It appears to me that the integration with the phone contacts is abysmal on my handset.  Unless I am looking for a Joe Smith or Mike Jones, the voice dialer seems to be guessing at random.  So far it has found the correct entry roughly 10% of the time and when it misses it is not even close.  Has anyone been able to locate any documentation or found any tips to enhance performance?  As it stands it is virtually unusable and I am harrassing my contacts with OOOPS calls on a regular basis.  For some reason the voice dialer does NOT seem to be restricted to searching the phones contacts.  As this is a business handset and many of my calls are made via bluetooth headset, loosing effective hands free dialing is a major loss of functionality.

2) Loss of the mic key in various applications:  I understand that this has been touched upon on various other threads, however Sprint NEEDS to get this fixed.  Loosing voice to text capability in messaging, email and various other apps via the swype keyboard is a total miss.  Using voice to text via the HTC keyboard works, however the tracing function is inferior by far to swype for data entry.  After spending many hours reviewing threads I finally downloaded Swype beta and use the dragon dictation.  And on a side note, Dragon Dictation used by Swype Beta will censor offensive language, and cannot by turned off accourding to the Swype support forums.  And no I wasn't sending texts with select 4 letter words concerning the Jellybean update, really I wasn't...

3) Is it possible to roll back update to return to ICS until Sprint and HTC get the "kinks worked out"?

Message to Sprint:  If the voice dialer from the phone app cannot be resolved in a timely manner, this device has become utterly useless for my business needs and I will be going elsewhere.

VERY dissapointed on how this rollout was handled and lack of documentation.  If I had any idea how limited this device would become I would have stayed on ICS.  Jellybean is flawless on my tablets, but on the 4G LTE...not so much.


Re: Poor voice dialer peformance/missing mic buttons

In order to roll back, you would need to locate the RUU file for the previous version. I posted a link in another thread.

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Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.
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