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Pre-order May 7th?


Pre-order May 7th?

So I want to sign a 2 yr contract and get this phone, but when can I get it? If I "pre-order" it on May 7th, does that mean i'll get it the same day? Or is there some expected release date where everyone who pre-ordered can pick up their phone and begin their contracts with it?


Rumor is 10 June release.  You could order it 7 May, but you won't get it that day.


I'd prefer May 18th to June 10th..... that would be more than a month wait. Longer they wait to release, the more opportunity to move on to something else.

Speak of the devil.....

"Already in production the Exynos 4 Quad is scheduled to be adopted first into Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone that will official be announced in May," the horse's mouth reveals. Samsung boasts that the new 32nm quad-core processor flaunts twice the processing power over its predecessor, thanks to its High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) low-power technology. The net energy savings? About 20-percent.   Full PR follows the break.

Now I may not be a day one buyer.... such choices

GrandMaster has an article on the release date of the EVO LTE. theyre saying june.

theres also another article about another sprint LTE phone being tested and how it did. i didnt pay much attention to it but you might find it of use.

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