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Pretty Disappointed... issues all around. (Went DEAD, network issues, bluetooth problems).


Pretty Disappointed... issues all around. (Went DEAD, network issues, bluetooth problems).

As I spent the hour and a half browsing all of the phones that Sprint had on the shelf in my local store (on 6/25/12), I decided to purchase the HTC 4G LTE Evo as an upgrade to my Original HTC Evo. The sales rep told me that the hardware was supposed to be phenomenal, and that access to the battery wouldn't be needed. (This scared me, as ANY device can always use a good battery pull). I obliged and kept on chuggin' with my new phone.

At first I loved the phone. Fast, sleek, crisp. I did notice that certain times it was hesitant to connect to the Sprint network, but I figured maybe its just a glitch. (Keep in mind, I had someone next to me on an Original Evo that was working like a champ).

Ok, so no big deal so far. A crappy coverage spot here and there, I figured it's a different phone meant to be on 4G LTE (which I have to PAY FOR and I don't even have 4G let alone 4G LTE service in my area) so maybe until that launches it'll be a little wierd.

Then I tried Bluetooth. It worked for about 10 minutes, until I could barely hear the other person. After I hung up that call because the sound was barely audible, it would not reconnect to my car stereo. It would not transfer the dialed calls/call list/phone book.

Minor things, I thought. I was impressed with the phone overall and was going to stick with my optimism. I could ignore those odd problems (including every time the phone went out of coverage and then back in again, it asked me to confirm my Time Zone. Something my replacement phone is still doing so I know it's not a setting) UNTIL....

7/1/12... all morning spent taking pictures and video that were unfortunatley saved onto the devices internal memory - only because of the lack of a factory SD card which came with my original Evo. Fast forward about 2 hours, and my phone will NOT turn on. Tried "SimPull" or whatever, even took the d*mn thing to the Sprint store where they told me that it was the FIRST HTC Evo 4G LTE to come back with any kind of issue. I was extremley upset, due to the fact that I had lost all of the pictures I had taken, not to mention spent a week setting this phone up just to lose everything. It hadn't even been 1 week. I lost my pictures, contacts, ringtones, apps, everything. I'm still really upset about this.

As someone who's replaced several Iphone and Ipod batteries, I was tempted to get my toolkit out and do a battery pull wether HTC liked it or not! But I didn't want to void my warranty or take the chance of Sprint saying that the power failure on the device was caused by something I did. My only option was to take it to the store. They tweaked around with it for about 10 minutes, to no avail. The guy programmed me a replacement phone and sent me on my way. Right now because of the data loss I suffered (and apparently I am not alone) I am untrusting of saving anything locally to the device. *As soon as I get back into a coverage area* I am going to download Nandroid Backup which has been recommended to me. I used to get coverage in the very spot I'm sitting in right now with my old Evo. Not so with the new one.

Also, the replacement phone may have to go back so I am def. NOT saving anything to it. The vibration is so loud it sounds like there's something loose inside the phone. How backasswards is it to make a phone where you can't remove the battery, but you can have full access to the vibration weight and motor?

Speaking of the vibration mechanism housing... it must be loose on this new one. It sounds like it's missing a screw, and rattles whenever (each and every keystroke) it vibrates. It sounds like I'm wrestling a rattlesnake at my desk.

Seriously though, for a 550$ device, this thing should be as rock solid and BETTER than it's predicessor. Sadly though, it isn't. I am an unsatisfied veteran Sprint customer and want to know what they're gonna do about it.


Here is what worked for my dropped calls, hot phone, battery drain, and sketchy data issue:

**Go into networking and TURN LTE OFF.**

This fixed all of these problems for me - now no drops, battery lasts longer, and it is not so hot to the touch.

You can turn it back on when LTE is live in your area.

Moblie Network Settings>Network Mode>(change to) CDMA Only

Now my phone works as it should. It's fast, good 3G data speeds (around 1500kbps), and clear calls without drops. Also the battery lasts all day now.

Apparently they are in the process of installing LTE in this area (LA) and apparenty that contributed to the problems I was having with LTE enabled.

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