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Question about the evo 4g lte


Question about the evo 4g lte

I'm looking into the galaxy s3 and the htc one x. Thats right, I said the one x, not the evo 4g lte. why? I know the evo version is pretty much the same internally aside from the dual core s4 due to lte capabilities. I just can't get past the build quality and aesthetics. The the evo 4g lte is in my opinion ugly. I'd perfer the unibody design and curved screen edges of the one x. Sprints really done away with a good thing. I went to the AT&T store to check it out since they have the original design. Now I would never switch to AT&T since they have no unlimited data plan and you have to pay an arm and a leg. BUT is there a way I can buy the AT&T version and unlock it to work on sprints 4g lte? Maybe have to root? but I would prefer sprint to help get this going instead. the processor is compatible. but are sprints employees? the international version wont do since the quad core doesnt do 4g lte. but in theory the at&t's dual core s4 should work.

I love sprint and it's hard work to please its customers, I just wish we could have an option for the original design of the one x. Any help would be appreciated.


The AT&T version is GSM while Sprint runs on CDMA so no it will not work they have differn't antennea's. They also are differn't inside, the Evo LTE has a sd card slot and a bigger battery.

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