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Reserve Ordering in NE Philly


Reserve Ordering in NE Philly

Noon 05/25/2012:  Sprint stores had not a clue about anything and seemed arrogant about it all so I went to Best Buy on the Blvd reserved one lickety split, got a reservation # and they waived the $50 reservation fee.  I will get an email from them when my phone is ready.  They had a game plan all laid out that all the employees were breifed on.  Sprint, you need to communicate to your stores better!  Other than that, Sprint has treated me really well with customer service so I really have no complaints at all.  I mean Apple threw the monkey wrench in the system.  Now lets get that LTE system up! 


Re: Reserve Ordering in NE Philly

P.S.  I wasn't able to reserve one online in any way or fashion.  Tried every angle.

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