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So, Now What?


So, Now What?

With things seemingly looking more grim by the hour for those of us craving this EVO, what's the plan? Do you have a timeframe that makes the wait OK? Are you considering other phones? Are you going to see this through to the end?

What's next for you?

For me? Not really sure. I want this EVO, but I admit I looked around to see what else was out there tonight. I'm not really impressed by anything. I'm intrigued by the GSIII, but who knows when that will release? I think I'll give this until Monday or Tuesday, and if there's not a real update, or a hope for a quick resolution, I'll pull the horses into the barn, and wait it out for a month or two.


Re: So, Now What?

I will hold out hope,I want that phone...any bonus they may throw our way is great but not a deal breaker...I HOLD apple RESPONSIBLE and will NEVER buy another apple product again. yes Sprint could have contacted us sooner but who knew this could happen it never has before...I just hope that with there leader gone they flounder a little or a lot. I am a 15+ year customer and have always had good or better service. I will stick by Sprint and hope this gets handled quickly. I think we should all focus our efforts on the company/government officials truly responsible.

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