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Sprint Bloatware on EVO 4G LTE?

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Sprint Bloatware on EVO 4G LTE?

One major issue I had with my original EVO 4G was the inability to remove bloatware such as NASCAR Mobile, NFL Mobile, Kindle, TeleNav, etc. The fact that the phone had limited storage made the issue much more frustrating.

I recall - a while ago - there were articles in tech posts that major carriers are scaling back on this type of bloatware.. or at the very least allow the phone owner to uninstall unwanted/unused apps.

Does anyone know if there will be bloatware on the EVO 4G LTE, and if so, can it be removed? I do not want to root my phone, since I value security and privacy. I hope Sprint made a decision with the customer in mind on this one.


Re: Sprint Bloatware on EVO 4G LTE?

yes there will be bloatware and yes SOME of that bloatware will be removable but not all. if you want a true vanilla phone, get the google nexus handheld.

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