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Sprint Evo 4G LTE Delayed Launch


Sprint Evo 4G LTE Delayed Launch

Do you think Sprint should waive the $36.00 connect fee for all customers that have already pre-ordered the Evo 4G LTE?

Customer Service ................This is the only fair thing to do considering the inconvenience caused to customers.


Re: Sprint Evo 4G LTE Delayed Launch

I think sprint should have been out in front of this from the get go. They should have sent an email out right away about the probelm and what they are trying to do. instead they left there customers in the dark (i still have not seen an email or my order status change) I only found out on accident when i googled sprtin htc evo lte to show a friend at work what  phone i was getting tomorrow. then we saw the delay links come up and he proceded to laugh at me. haha...on top of that he has an iphone..i was going to stick his phone up his ......

so now that i really dont like sprint for doing this i think they shoud wave the fee... not for the phone being delayed but for being a typical corporate ahole and treating us like we are not worth explaining enything to. i am not counting anything they have said on they web site as it was not emailed to me or provided to me on my order status.

so yes again i do think they should compensate the preordered people but more because they treated us like we dont matter, we had to find out on our own and create a ruckus before they started releasinf info. thats whats wrong.

p.s. Apple can go **** its self

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