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Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users


Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

We wanted to make it easy for everyone to benefit from the comments/insights from all 10 winners of the EVO 4G LTE trial. We heard from some of you that it's easier to faciliate that exchange as a "Discussion" instead of a "Blog."  So, please use this Discussion Thread as the collection point for everyone's comments/questions.

The green light is on. So, if you are one of the Trial winners and your new EVO activated, please kick off our discussion. For instance, what's your impression of the device?  Do you like the form factor? The functionality?  What meets your expectations? What doesn't and why?  If you have an earlier EVO, how does this 4G LTE version compare? Looking forward to your insights!

Lastly, if you have any questions/comments regarding the trial, please don't hesitate to PM me.   Thanks! deborrah3

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Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

So I received my evo yesterday and spent quite some time setting it up. I didn't realize how many apps I had on my old EVO 3D. I would say I am an average phone user so hopefully my comments can be helpful to the masses. So far I like the phone. I definitely love how thin it is compared to the EVO 3D and the metal edge around the phone is slick!  The screen resolution is sweet and the rapid camera shot is so cool.  I do like how HTC has minimized the steps it takes to get to a settings option by making it more functional. No longer do I have to click through numerous sections in the settings menu to get to the bluetooth menu. Now I just click settings and click bluetooth and everything I need to do is right there.  I have noticed that while I was using my email and the alarm on the phone that the buttons are in reverse of my old evo.  For example, the snooze button on the alarm is now on the right and the dismiss button is on the left.  This could cause problems after a year or so of it being opposite and habits being formed when you are in a deep sleepy haze that could cause you to dismiss your alarm and ultimately make you late for work or fun.  The same changes are in email as well with the send button etc.  Other than those minor annoyances I am so far pleased with my experience however brief it has been. I will provide further updates as I become more acquainted with the phone.


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

First off, I would like to thank both Deborrah & Sprint for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on Sprint's latest & greatest with this community. Now down to business. I received my device yesterday but wasn't able to activate it until today. My first thought was the device itself looks really great & it is surprisingly light & feels good in hands as well [I'm 6'1"]. Launching apps, switching between homescreens & browsing the internet was a joy to do as this phone is really fast and it flies. Call quality was very loud & clear & the person on the other end of the conversation had no problems hearing me as well. The screen is really nice but I personally prefer the Super Amoled screen of my Galaxy Nexus. HTC Sense is decent but I would really like the option to turn it off completely & run stock Ice Cream Sandwich [Please HTC] I also would have prefered onscreen home/back/recent buttons or at the very least, a capacitive search button. I've only played around with the phone for a few hours, but in that time my battery life was decent. Right now I'm on the fence of whether or not I will keep the device, only time will tell...


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

My brand new HTC EVO 4G LTE was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. When I took it out the box my first thought was, “this thing is huge!!” My second thought was, “this thing is thin.” My previous phone was the original HTC EVO 4G (with a 3500 mAh extended battery in it).  What I liked immediately is this phone is absolutely beautiful. It’s the nicest phone I’ve ever seen. What I don’t like about it (the reason I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3 over it) it the fact it doesn’t have a removable battery. My reasoning was solidified when 2 hours off the charger it had already dropped to %75. I turned off mobile data and the battery lasts much much longer; but that’s not the reason people buy smart phones.

Another thing, coming off strictly AOSP roms on my old EVO I forgot how much I hate Sense. The UI is inproved in 4.0. But the tons of useless apps need to go. So I unlocked the bootloader and am flashing CyanogenMod9. I suspect when I set CM9 up my battery life will improve. MMS isn’t working on that ROM yet… but I’ll take no MMS for a couple weeks for software that’s useable for me.


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

Thank you Sprint!!! I was counting the days until I qualified for an upgrade specifically to purchase the LTEVO, just days before the upgrade I responded to this contest and won! I found out I won just before leaving on vacation, returned home Sunday excited for the new LTE. I made a special trip home Monday from work at lunch to pick it up shortly after it was delivered. Thank you again!!

On to the review, I'm trading out from the original EVO, my wife just upgraded from the EVO shift to an Iphone, and my daughter just upgraded to an EVO3D. My son is the lucky second owner of my OEVO.

First impressions:


Size, Its significantly larger than the OEVO, however the hand and to the ear feel is very comfortable. The increased size personally is transparent compared to the smaller OEVO. The device is substantially thinner and lighter which I've notice adds to the comfort of the device use. The other physical feature that has impressed me is the kick stand, I was glad to see it reappear on the this device as I used my OEVO kick stand daily. The new mid-device placement and detent locking stand allows the device to be placed with either horizontal edge down and also allows a slightly off balance placement in portrait. I wish the portrait stability was slightly enhanced, charging the device in portrait while on the kick stand does add enough counter weight to improve stability. The only extremely minor nit I have about the physical make up of the device is camera bezel stands out from the back of the device about 1/8". I found even with a case on my OEVO after 2 years of service the camera lens cracked; It is nice the lens is recessed into the LTEVO. Personally I feel a smooth back design to the device would have been nice. Finally, other professional online reviewers have commented about the smooth shiny plastic upper cover making the device feel cheap. I tend to disagree, and find it helps me blindly orient the phone.



I'm amazed by the day light readability of the LTEVO; here in Sunny AZ its a challenge to find any device one could operate outdoors, however LTEVO is comfortable and visible when backlit, sidelit, or frontlit by the sun. I tend to use my device while walking between office buildings; the OEVO was nearly impossible and required sheilding the device with one hand while holding and operating it with the other. The LTEVO allows me to operate as I normally would.

The resolution and overall quality of the screen presentation is also amazing. Its HD quality resolution, I personnally feel far exceeds the Iphone4s display.

Processor / Speed

The second technical trait which immediately struck me was the overall device speed, installing Play apps over my home WIFI on the OEVO takes approximately 45s-1m per application, while the same apps on the LTEVO took just over 15s. I specifically used the data test over WIFI as I'm in complete control, our 3G coverage at home is very good, but I knew the WIFI connection would limit outside influences.

Signal strength

Signal strength between the OEVO and LTEVO in my area shows little difference; I have marginal reception with both devices while in my office buildings. With excellent coverage outdoors in the east valley area of Phoenix. 3G speeds are pretty good on both devices outdoors as well.

Battery life

While I know this is extremely user specific and subjective; after 2 years of service my OEVO battery still lasts approximately 16-18 hours with medium to light use, and about 12 hours under medium to heavy use. It also lasts about 4-6 hours when outside of network coverage and continually searching for a signal. So far the LTEVO lasts approximately 20+ hours on standby with medium to heavy use (Its a new toy I haven't put it down much, yet). Battery quality will need some time to fully review, and definitely more than 30 days.

Sense and ICS

The new Sense and ICS seem very refined and operate smoothly compared to sense 3 and 2.x.x on the OEVO, ICS/Sense have recieved some nice enhancements. I'm already familar with ICS from my tablet, so I've had no learning curve on the re-location of menus and features.

As usual the LTEVO includes a fair number of annoying / space taking applications (although fewer apps than before); as an advanced user I would like to remove them (without a custom rom and/or rooting... It is a new and trial device after all).


Multiple frame capture rate is extremely impressive, though there seems to be quite a bit of lag from frame 1-2, then 3+ shoot in rapid succession (I personally won't use the high frame rate often, but its a neat feature). Camera lens and overall image quality are bleak compared to the similar resolution Iphone 4s. The Iphone seems to have better image stabilization, where the LTEVO results in blurry images. Like the EVO3D the external camera button is a nice feature.

I'll update and add to my review over the next 30 days while I become accustom to the new device! Thanks again for this opportunity Sprint!




Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

I just received the new phone.  The first thing I noticed is the recycled packaging....excellent.

I took it out of the box and it is thinner and as expected, longer & wider than the 3d.  I can palm a basketball, but the form factor is slightly uncomfortable as it is a little big.  I know that I will like the bigger screen but the thumb gesture is more uncomfortable than the 3d.  I have used the 3d for 9 months and I needed to adjust the phone to swipe or reach certain spots.  I am certain that will be more pronounced.  I will need to get a case right away as the potential for dropping it is increased due to the future adjusting.

It is lighter in the hand than the 3d. 

As I smudge my finger across the screen, I instantly notice the smudge marks are less pronounced compared to the 3d.  There are still smudges but they are less noticeable.  They are easier to wipe clean. 

Playing with the phone some I can get my thumb from one 'outside' corner to the other as well as with the 3d.  The difference is that the phone is less secure in my hand.  Where with the 3d I get 1-2 fingers (middle and ring) securing the phone in my hand where with the LTE it is resting on those fingers.  That makes me slightly nervous.  In a crowded area a bump may remove the phone from the safety of my hand. 

There is a lot of talk about how great phones look.  I am not artistic in that way.  The phone does not make me think anything derogatory.

The camera casing juts out like a normal HTC phone.  Irritating.  What is finally a win for HTC is that the lense is recessed.  Finally, finally, finally, they listened.

The kickstand is back from the EVO.  While I never had the EVO, I am sure this will prove useful as I have found reason to prop the 3d and previous phones against objects to angle them.

It would be nice if they went back to the sliding back piece.  'Tearing' the back cover off always make me feel like I am going to break it.  That feeling is steady fast with this back cover.  It takes some force to remove it.

The 3d and LTE are equally solid feeling phones.  Tapping on the screens creates a more hollow sound with the 3d.  This leans towards the Gorilla Glass 2 being a much improved screen material, I would think.

Ok turning it on:

Went through setup stuff.  Haha, it does not like my plan for automatic upgrading.  Come on Sprint, this costs you money and me time, having to call in. 

Ok the settings are not in the same place for this OS version.  They are up in the pull down menu, oops almost dropped it already, off to the store.  I have got to get a case.


Back from Sprint and Best Buy.

I have 2 complaints already.  Of course, complaints.  First let me say that I went to the Mission Valley, San Diego store and I was treated courteously and professionally.  Guess what, I spoke to Sean and David (the boss on duty) and they knew who the Advocates were.  That was a nice touch.  They were great and handled eerything flawlessly.  Ok the complaints are with the cases.  The first clip case did not wrap or extend beyond the screen.  When you set it face down the screen was all but touching the surface.  Poor design and it cost a sale.  I then instead purchased the otterbox case as it was the only option to protect the screen.  The first case had a great release clip located at the power button.  you could grab the phone and with a one finger release you held the phone in it natural state.  The otterbox release clip is on its side.  The most awkward position for releasing the phone.  I could hold the phone with 2 fingers release with a third and then completely reorganize the phone in my hand in order to get it to a natural state.  A total failure.  The case itself was thick and did seem very protective.  The release was a disaster.  I left with Sprint knowing I could be back after a trip to Best Buy.  According to reviews on the case I looked at, there is an issue with the clip causing the power button to depress and reboot.  I do see that as a possibility.  If this occurs, the case is moddable to relieve the issue.  I bought it and returned the otterbox, with no issues.  The new case wraps the screen edge and allows me to set it on its face with maybe 2mm space between the screen and the top of the case or surface you set it on.  The otterbox is more like 4.  Clearly the otterbox is a better case but that clip just fails to me.

Back to the phone.  The screen is pretty, that is for sure.

My favorite so far?  There are cursor keys with stock virtual keyboard.  Sweet, finally.  The less I have to app and mod or jailbreak, the better.  The silly auto word intereferes with the cursor keys, but I will turn that off shortly.  The space bar isn't long enougn.  In my initial tests I am hitting the period instead of space, a lot.  Irritating to say the least.  I have turned off the word completion/prediction stuff and the cursor rock once again.  I adjusted my typing and the period issue is fixed.  It is slightly inconvenient.  I would much rather have a longer space bar.

The screen swipes do not wrap around.  Maybe that is a setting.  That is beyond irritating,  There are 7 screens.  Instead of the furthest screen being 3 swipes away, it is now 6, ugh.  You can double click the home key if you are on a screen other than the home screen to pull up a 7 screen tile view.  If you are on the home screen it is a single press for the tile view.

Donning the stand allows you to firmly navigate the phone one handed without fear of dropping.  You can use the stand to pinch the phone between the palm or bottom fingers.  When I stretch the thumb to the farthest corner, my fingers slide from that edge that removes a phone controlling posture, if you will.  in a crowded situation the stand will help control the phone.

The stand is sweet.  A how did I ever live without it sort of thing.  There are 3 usable positions, natural and both landscapes (left and right).

It is very comfortable in the hand.  It is light and fits like it was meant to.  It only gets a little awkward during 1 hand operation as I have said before.  I have been a fan of the 4.3  form factor for usability, I am not headed away from that quite yet, but it is possible.

Clearly this is a faster phone than the 3d.  ESPN loads 5-12 seconds faster.  Everything is smooth.  Need to get it next to a SGS3.  I am not using mobile versions.

The recent apps dedicated button is a waste of space.  Maybe there is a setting that will fix the next issue.  The are 3 dedicated buttons at the bottom of the phone.  They are all single action buttons.  This is a shame.  There is a back key, a home key and a recent app key.  On the 3d, the home key doubled as the recent app key by holding it in.  The search key doubled as an action key where I could assign or create an action dedicated to that hold.  That appears gone.  Where the 3d had 6 actions, I am cut to 3.  That is 'no bueno'.

The camera is sweet.  The pretended shutter clicks are misleading with the hold and shoot function, as it does not take a picture for every click you hear.  You cannot use the function with the special effects.  Access to the photo gallery is simple and the movement from the gallery to the camera back to the gallery to deleting to the camera to the video cam to taking pictures while shotting video to looking at those pistures after the movie is done, is easy and fast.  The swiping between photos could be faster.  If it were as fast as the carousel of the 3d screen tiles, that would be great, it is not in the vacinity of that speed.

I appreciate that we are still on Micro USb as well.  New connections require new cables for computers, wall chargers, car chargers, etc.  In this case, everything from the 3d works, as it should.  micro USB is after all Micro USB.  The only extra expense will be your case.


Day 2


So I found an option to use the power button to end calls.  That worked great, except when the screen turns off there is no way to bring the screen back on unless you hit the power button.  When you hit the power button, off goes the call, so the option is useless.

The power consumption seems to be greater than the EVO 3d.  The size makes it cumbersome during calls.  One handed operation is annoying.

I did have to mod the case.  I cut out the button on the case and corresponding wrap to the screen.  It works fine now.  The case does not look at clean but it is functional once again.

There is no option to make folders with ICS.  You instead drag one app over another and a folder is created.  That is nice but it was irritating while I was looking for the folder option.  Thank the internet for the instruction.

I am experiencing call quality issues on my end.  The other party does not seem to experience any issues, I get intermittent cut outs.  Signal strength does not seem to be an issue for me.  It may eevn be a little better than the 3d.

It is amazing to me how many apps want so much intrusion to run on the phone.  Google Reader wants access to everything just to subscribe to some rss feeds.  The others that do not require all the permissions do not work very well in finding feeds.  Someone needs to explain to me why a flashlight needs access to my contacts. 

Network Info II works much faster than on the 3d.  Everything is faster and better.  Apps pop up quickly and work flawlessly. 

I love the arrow keys with the keyboard.

I know that I am happy with the screen size.  I am pretty sure I am not loving the phone size when I am using it one handed.  Two handed, its great.  It actually feels better being that it is bigger with 2 hands.  You do not feel so cramped.

I love the camera.

When using the task manager, it includes the items running from boot.  You have to pick and choose instead of clear all.  I use Battery Notifier(Big Text) as one of my bootables, if you will.  If I clear all I have to restart this so that it works again.  There needs to be a separtion of processes.  Or an option never end this program unless manually ended...or something like that.  They need to make services a separate option.


Day 3


Android still irritates me when trying to type.  When you type in the browser the page scrolls down to where you cannot see where you are typing.  On a side note, using chrome as the browser, i am able to edit my post as I am doing right now.

The keyboard is really great.  Everything is big enough for my big fingers.

Through the first 2 days I left the LTE radio on to see how much juice it would pull.  With it running all day, surprisingly the battery doesn't drain as fast as you would think.  Now that i have turned it off, the battery life is very nice.  It is certainly better than the 3d.  My mod on the cover works great.

I would recommend this phone and the cover(over the ones at Sprint).  I am not sure that I would recommend the size of the phone.  It is not overly debilitating, but one-handed operation is clumsy at best.  I would prefer the width to be smaller.  As a matter of fact, if they can shrink the wasted spce, screen to border, the screen fits inside of the 3d.  The hard buttons could be shrunk and the HTc logo could be moved someplace less space wasting.  If this screen was in the 3d size, I would say perfect.

Chrome does not like the arrow keys while I am typing in here.  At least I can post though. 

My pops likes the big phone.  He has an iPhone and wants to steal this one.

This phone whoops the iPhone.  Videos play in the browser, no problem.  I can use any voice/video chat I want to.  I am diggin the phone better than the 3d, for speed if nothing else.  I had to continue this with the computer.  This and forum posting are not the best friends.  But there is more.  The camera, sweet.  Some of the options are better.  You cannot just remove or change the icons on the start screen that I have found.  You can remove them all though.

So the review is supposed to be about the phone.  I am really not sure how I am going to post for 30 days about the phone.  It is certainly better than the other options out there, imo.  Maybe the SGS3 would be competitive, if TouchWiz didn't choke so much.  Samsung is always slow with their updates to repair issues.  So it is a toss-up I suppose.  If you root both devices then they become quite even I would imagine.  I have not used the SGS3 so I am basing these thoughts on other reviews across the net.  I would rather have a HTC device over Sammy, any day.  That is me though and I say to each their own.  It doesn't make me right or wrong and it won't make you right or wrong either.

The phone feels solid and it is super light.  Even with it's size, it fits on my belt easily and does not get in the way.  I am hoping by the end of the trial, I will appreciate the size of it more than I am at the moment.  When that moment happens I will let you know.  If it does not change, I will let you know that as well.  One thing is for absolute sure.  Anything bigger than this will be an absolutely not from me.

I am done posting in this thread with any consistency.  If you have questions, PM me or post in here.  I will do everything I can to get an answer. 

Last thing.  The speaker volume could be louder, again.  My suggestion before Sage, during Sage and after Sage was, take a Samsung Epic and match the volume.  That would be good.  HTC has a real problem with volume and I just don't get it.  HTC, you have volume controls for a reason, if we think it is too loud, we will turn it down.  When you make the max volume too low, then we have a serious problem.  If a home stereo system did what you do, they would never sell a single system.  The volume is much better than the 3d, but it still stinks.  At least now we can hear it over some ambient noise, but that does not make it ok.  HTC, if you want to do something nice for us, take the max volume(across the board) and double it.  Then send us the update, that would be great .


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

Recieved the phone the day Best Buy started releasing them after the Customs fiasco. I've also been following and participating in allot of the threads here to date so I know some of the issues users are having and not having.

To date, my phone has been running like a champ. Coming from the OEVO, I couldn't be happier. Battery life is way better, easily getting me 24hrs between charges with heavy use. The screen size isn't as noticeable coming from the OEVO because it to had a large screen 4.3 versus 4.7 diagonal. The LTEVO looks bigger when sitting next to the OEVO, but when your actually holding and using it, it feels like a smaller phone due to weight and thinness. Screen is crisp and bright and displays things very nicely. The operating system is very fast as a result of the increased memory and processors within so screens and apps load and move about really fast. I'm sure in a couple months we'll all be complaining about how slow they are though. 

Never had consitant or even moderate access to 4G so it should be interesting to see how nice the LTE network performs on this phone when it's turned on in SoCal. Hoewver, signal strength in general has been very good in my area and 3G speeds have been just under 1mb whenever I have checked. So no complaints there. I've been able to load up all the apps I used on my OEVO without having to transfer any to the SD Card and I still have a ton of space left. Add to that the SD Card and there's allot of space available for use.

All in all, I've been very impressed with the phone. There's is of course a few quirks here and there that I ahve mentioned already in other threads, hopefully these get taken care of in the first MR.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

So I REALLY liked how SA_DrGamete did his initial impressions post so I'm going to follow suit.

First impressions:


1) I have owned every Evo so far and will probably continue buying one every year they update the design.  First impression was WOW! It's so very thin AND light compared to the bigger brothers OG EVO and EVO3D.  The form factor is perfect for my hands (6'2 with large hands) as well as for folks with smaller hands because of the width. (My wife is 4'11 and has small hands and has no problems with it)  Buttons are easy to get to, feel good and are responsive.  Sound is very much improved from the 3D (though that was mostly software and a little hardware) and I hope the speakers hold up.  Replaced many a speaker in the OG Evo back in the day.

2) I miss the dedicated Menu button (Many custom rom builds and tweaks have remapped the soft keys so the Recent App key is the menu key and long press Home is recent apps, yes, just like the OG and 3D Evo) even though the 3 dot on screen menu is usually easy to find AND tells you that there is indeed a menu to be accessed.  So while they did away with something that has always been there, we did gain a little bit back with the new onscreen menu. I'm going to rock the Trial device as-is and with factory software until our 30 days is up to remain objective on the phone as HTC gave it to us BUT yes, the wife's device is rooted so I do get to work with the "improved" custom builds as well.

3) There is one flaw in design that I'd like to a) point out and b) help warn you all about. They chose to create a top half and bottom half to the device which is separated by the kickstand (which is great by the way. The ability to use from 3 different angled positions was ingenious.) but there is nothing "bracing" the top and bottom halves aside from the side strapping.  This make it weak and I have personally, somehow, bent, ever so slightly, my wife’s device. Nothing is wrong with the phone (I bent it back) but I think they need to think about more support in the next device if they do the split halves again.

Overall, it really is a beautiful piece of technology that I am VERY proud to show off.  I haven't had one person not comment about just how thin and light the device and even though they did the shiny top cover on the back, it looks good.... until you touch it. :-D  *I've never understood folks that don't put covers on their phones BUT I had 3 before the phone even arrived and it will always be covered so no biggy.



Absolutely amazing display that as Doc said, can be used in any and all lighting situations. I have looked at a iPhone and of course we all read/hear about the retina display but tis true, our Evo LTE's have a higher def display than the silly little iPhone display.  Not only to the eye, but on paper, our screen is superior and you gotta love that. It's pretty crazy just how crisp and how easy the viewing is, even in VERY bright sun.  That AZ sun has to be a true test and sounds like it passes with flying colors.

Processor / Speed

FAST FAST FAST hey, ITS FAST!  The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Kriat dual 1.5 processor we got is awesome.  We knew it was going to be good from all the hype and chatter and not to mention looking at side by side comparisons with the Evo LTE's GSM Brethren running the Tegra 3 Quad so once I had the phone, it was all to be expected BUT all so real. It's snappy (even with Sense) and I have seen no lag. The really cool thing is that it's not eating up the 2000mA that we have on tap. 

Signal strength

I think my 3G signal is relatively unchanged if not a hair better in the high signal areas and a hair lower in the bad areas. Nothing to "write home" about really. My phone and the 3G service here in Omaha/Lincoln NE is very reliable. I have too point out, one or my FAVORITE features that Sprint can't "sell" whole hog but that works quite well for what seems to be MANY MANY users, SVDO!  The simultaneous voice and data over 3G is awesome. So now conference calls on the road don't mean I can't pull down an email (when I make a stop) or stop Google Maps from loading new tiles.  It's just so convenient to have that now even without 4G service.

Battery life

It might be early, but I can tell you that is MUCH better than the 2 predecessors and I continually check with the other 6 "normal" users I help with support over the last 2 iterations of  Evo's (who now have LTE's) just to make sure my glasses aren't rose colored. My normal usage with even an under clocked EVO3D would put a battery down in 10-12hr max.  Now, same usage, stock rom, I'm looking at 16-18hr with SIX HOURS OF SCREEN ON time. That is very impressive and I doubt anyone one who says the battery combined with Sense4.0 and the kernel HTC supplied isn't better.  It's very pleasing to see on an EOM kernel that the device wake and sleep pretty much mirrors the screen on and off. **HTC, IF YOU ARE REALLY LISTENING, HOW BOUT SOME SOURCE CODE PLEASE!!!

Sense and ICS

I have been on ICS based roms for about 8 months between pure ICS/CM9/Sense3.5/3.6 ICS ports and I have to say that ICS was a heaven sent experience.  They really fixed a bunch of stuff and made things easier and more fluid.  We were all VERY worried about how HTC would pull off a build of Sense that worked well to not bog down the OS while still giving us the "Sense" experience.  Sense3.5 and 3.6 feel half-baked (guess they have to do something to keep the EVO3D folks content while giving them more incentive to upgrade) compared to Sense4.0 and I applaud HTC for "most" of what they have done.  To the average user, they might not notice what is left alone (from ICS) what was slightly tweaked and what is all Sense but I can see it all. Many new ways to get things done, it's not nearly as heavy as the older versions of Sense and I honestly, I could live with this were Sense2.XX and 3 could really be unbearable. It's also not battery hungry like the older versions so that is also something to say thanks for.


I broke out the camera right away and it's loads better than the OG and 3D and I am getting many many more usable photos.  That software is lending a helping hand here and the hardware (the sensor) is definitely an upgrade. The multi-capture with auto selection of the best photo is pretty neat but I rarely have to use it to catch great shots.  *We'll have to post up some of the pictures we have taken here.

**Development Opportunities, HTC, LISTEN UP!: I meant to add this in before but came back to it. So with the intro of the Evo 3D the bootloader was locked AND encrypted and talk about back lash so HTC presented us with the HTCDev bootloader unlock method.  Sure, it "may" have voided our warranty but it was a safe way to unlock and enjoy one of the features, core to Android, that being open sourced software and a HUGE opportunity to customize the user experience. The bootloader unlock on the Evo 3D did not give access to all of the partitions needed to change things such as kernels, splash screens and such so developers had to come up with rather creative ways to push boot images for kernel updates which is pretty important.  Other ways (some seriously involving paperclips and soft bricking devices) to get things opened up were created to downgrade HBOOT's to versions that would allow S-off and access to the partitions.... blah blah, it was a good attempt at pleasing all their dev orientated supporters but was "half-baked" fast forward to Evo LTE >>>>>>>>> The HTCDev Unlock has be revamped for this device and officially unlocking using HTCDev unlock gives the same (for all practical purposes for the everyday flashaholic) access to the device as the old Evo 3D with s-off.  This was VERY VERY GOOD work on HTC's part and I wanted to just say, you should be commended for this.  The community spoke up and you listened (at least that’s the way it looks and that is good enough for me, just hope it was on purpose) THANK YOU!!

I'm going to make another post with tips and tricks so that if you already didn't know, you can learn some of the features built in but for now, I really am digging this device and look forward to another year with the LTE.


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

Ok, to follow up my "initial" impressions post, here are some tips/tricks.  I'm going to hold off on my dislikes for a little bit to see just how annoying they are, maybe it's all just me. Lol

1) Disable Apps (yes, even Sprint Apps)  - Go to menu/apps/all/ and locate the app you don't want and "Disable" is at the top of the screen.  This will disable or what we have referred to in the past as "Freeze" the app.  It will be removed from your app tray though it's still taking up rom space but since we have LOADS of it, shouldn't be a worry. For the Sprint apps, it will say in some cases "Uninstall Updates" but just do that, then you will have the "Disable" option.

2) Memory - We have 13gig of internal storage (seems that 10 of it is usable) that will show as "sdcard" in file explorer apps.  We "officially" have a microSD slot that will officially support 32gig but I heard we can get 64gig cards to work.  This can be accessed as the "ext_sdcard" through file explorers. Anything you put in the 16gig onboard "sd" will remain on the phone through system restores, hard resets and such so it's treated, even though "internal" just like the ext_sd which are not touched. *There are options to wipe them but you'll see then.

3) WARNING WARNING - Encryption on the phone (if you select under menu/storage "Storage encryption" which encrypts applications and settings and from what I understand, will also check the encryption for your ext_sd card.  So when you decide that is sucks putting your password in for everything and want to factory reset, it will actually wipe your ext_sd card.  I have not and WILL NOT do this but had a buddy tell me this was his experience.  (*He accidentally did it)

4) Screen capture - hold Power + Home to take a screen capture.  Image will go into your InternalSD/DCIM folder

5) Hard Reboot - hold Power + Volume up/Volume down  (this is the equivalent to a battery pull)

6) Remove screens - NO MORE are we stuck with 7 screens and only use (for me) 4 of them.  Extra screens in the earlier Sense versions did use more resources (not sure about it now) but I just cleared them of widgets and apps back then.  Now we can simply remove them but hitting home to show all 7 and swiping them up to delete.

7) Screen previews - You can do a quick screen preview by "Pitching" in and close the preview by reversing the pitch gesture (what is the opposite of a pinch??) out, rather than the old standby hitting the home button.

8) USE CHROME BETA - HTC's browser is nice and all but Chrome for Android (Yeah, even in it beta stage which I can assure you since I used it from day one, is FAR from beta. Man, it was not so impressive at first but is WAY better now) is ridiculously awesome. If you are a Chrome user at home/work, you have even more convenience features because you can actively sync tabs and bookmarks across your PC's Chrome browsers if you are logged into them.

That’s all for now, that I can think of but please do share more that I have skipped over or don't know about.

SA_Doc wrote:

Ok turning it on:

Went through setup stuff.  Haha, it does not like my plan for automatic upgrading.  Come on Sprint, this costs you money and me time, having to call in.

On this, there is a difference in the "WiMax" and "LTE" data plans, even if on the face of it, there are no changes, so that's what happened there.  There were people that actually had to walk away from LTE purchases at 3rd party retail places because before the official launch in the Sprint retail stores, the 3rd party folks either couldn't/didn't know how/wouldn't have Sprint (over the phone) make that plan change and activate.  I experienced no issues in the store with my original but did when I tried to activate my wife's LTE coming from the Nexus S 4G to the LTE.  Guess they "earned" that $36 (if we had of been charged it) that time. Lol


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

My SG3 came today. I'm going to play with that tomorrow and do some side by side comparisons. This should be fun!!


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

Going on day two of my trial with the EVO 4G LTE & battery life is still pretty solid. My girlfriend was able to capture some great pics with the camera & I've taking a liking to all the little visual cues that HTC has added to sense. HTC's weather app is among one of my favorites & it's messaging apps is one of the best. One thing that did bother me was that the phone is quite slick & can easily slip thourgh someone's grasp.


Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Trial Experiences - the gathering place to hear all about the EVO from first-hand users

So after two days I am still totally enjoying this phone. I too have noticed the battery life is awesome. I had some issues the first day when my gps was on and it was draining my battery a little faster and I adjusted the screen brightness(std. setting is auto adjust). After I turned it off and used it without the gps and a dimmer screen I have had no issues. Yesterday the battery was at 50% at the end of the day after using it for a few phone calls, alot of texting, playing a few games, and internet surfing. My EVO 3D did not have the same battery life. I have had an issue with my power button. My power button seems to stick on one side and I kept getting a power off notice that allowed me to push the power button within a few seconds or else it would turn off.  The speaker on this phone is awesome. I used to miss calls with my old EVO but the speak on the ringer on this phone I can hear in my purse hanging on the back of a chair in a loud restaurant.

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