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System Crash EVO LTE


System Crash EVO LTE

Is anyone's HTC Evo LTE crashing?

Its been happening with mine for over a week now. My cell won't send or receive text messages at times, I have also notice a call comes in and when I am about to pick up it says missed call and then disappears (does not show in call history) so this worries me that I have miss calls that I do not know about.

So I reboot it, it then says system crash report and gives me the option to send (which I have sent every single time). I called sprint they refreshed the service or something, we checked on all updates (everything is up to date), they checked the towers around my area and said everything was fine. The rep. said my next option is to go to the store and get another cell, well I do not want to do that since I know they will give me a refurbish one which is not fair since I paid for a new one not a used one about a month ago.

I'm just wondering if this is a software issue that will be corrected eventually or I will have to settle for a used cell..




Re: System Crash EVO LTE

If you don't want another phone do a hard reset that will erase everything off the phone and start over again.Backup your contacts and apps to Google first.Do you have a lot of 3rd party apps?


Re: System Crash EVO LTE

Ok Thank you .. I will try that..

No, I dont.. I would say 95% of my apps the phone came with them..


Re: System Crash EVO LTE

If any are 3rd party messaging ones get rid of them first.


Re: System Crash EVO LTE

Yeah, if you perform a Hard Reset, run it that way for a day or two and see if things are improved. Could be 3rd party related or it could just be a glitch when the OS was applied to the phone.

If it continues, you may need to go to the store for them to look at and possibly replace.

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Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.
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