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Voice and Text Failures


Voice and Text Failures


I have been having considerable problem with my HTC Evo 4G LTE since the evening of Dec 21, 2012.  There was one period of time a few months back where I had the same problem (data OK, but zero voice and text) for approximately 2 weeks around the time that they were turning the 4G LTE network on here in Baltimore.  However, after that corrected itself, I have not had a problem until it re-emerged recently.

History of the problem:

- Evening of Dec 21, I was on a phone call as leaving Baltimore city.  Call dropped and voice text service was lost.

- I was driving to Chicago that night, and never regained voice/text service ... not until, IIRC, Dec 26th in the late morning (I was about 50 mi SW of Chicago at that point).

- During the outage just described, I called into Sprint tech support 3 times and visited a Sprint store in Illinois.  In all cases, the absolute best that any of the Sprint employees could do to help me was to do a handset reactivation (punch in reactivation code, my personal password for my phone, go through reactivation, PRL update, look for firmware update ... and a few times, also did a default profile update).

- In the early morning hours of the 22nd, I upgraded the phone to Jellybean.

- Anyway, as I said, I regained voice and text on the 26th and thought all was right with the world.

- Then on the 30th, driving back to Baltimore from Chicago, I again lost voice/text while still maintaining data connections at either/both 3G and 4G.

- This time, the problem corrected approximately 15 hours later once in Baltimore.

- Since then, my phone has spent more time without a voice/text connection than with.

- I have noticed, though it might be coincidental, that if I happen to get a voice connection and then I place a call, I lose my voice connection immediately as I hang up the call.

This is incredibly frustrating.  My handset is useless.  The only two things I have yet to try are (a) a hard/factory reset of the device and (b) changing firmware to something like CM10.

I do not want to do anything drastic (like the last two steps) until I know that I have no other choice.

I have noted other 4G LTE users with similar, though not the same complaints.

Any guidance?


current phone info: HW version: 0003; SW version: 3.15.651.16 71ORD

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