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WHY AM I BEING CHARGED A $10 Premium Data charge IF I DON'T HAVE ANY 4G?


WHY AM I BEING CHARGED A $10 Premium Data charge IF I DON'T HAVE ANY 4G?

I'm in a rebound relationship with a Sprint  Evo 4G LTE,. I  was seduced by its sexy style, its light weight, and a beautiful screen. Everybody wanted it.  I was told it was quick and easy too only to wake up next to it $200 short, a unpaid tab for another $200, with a commitment and a promise to improve only to find out it is far from smart and has let its self go. I realize that I am stuck with a phone that I was told I wanted only to find out its just a substitute for what I no longer have. I miss my EVO 4G. Will it forgive me for cheating on it with the sexy thinner sister with nothing upstairs. Seriously they wimped out on the processor, the GPS gets lost, the 3g radio is week, it cant decide if it wants wifi or 3g so you get nothing, the camera requires a stand for the pictures not to blurr, my calender tells me what to do after I was supposed to do it if at all, what is the use of a lock screen your pocket can open from the status bar, what is the good of mutli tasking if you cant kill unwanted apps, where do you put the emergency battery, I haven't left the timezone but my phone thinks it has, the hd cable is an additional $79 bucks, what no headphones, all that screen and it still only fits 1 widget, large blurry contact pictures, that web link used to start my app, that phone link used to go to my alternate dialer, my ring tones were lost after an update, my notification tones are confused on my alternate sms, the sd card once you solve the mystery of where it goes does not give you access to your photos, they put the usb on the side but sense still doesn't landscape like in the EVO Shift, is it just me or are we lost in a bad BETA TEST? oh and last but not least the reason I bought the phone, Premium Data ?  WHY AM I BEING CHARGED A $10 Premium Data charge IF I DON'T HAVE ANY 4G?  210-201-LTE1


Re: WHY AM I BEING CHARGED A $10 Premium Data charge IF I DON'T HAVE ANY 4G?

Regarding your issues with the Timezone, GPS, WiFi/3G signal issues, Calender and some others you didn't mention, have you performed the update that was recently released?

Regarding killing apps, locate and launch Task Manager in the App Drawer.

If you long press your Large Widget, then release it, you may be able to adjust it's size. Several widgets, Photo Gallery, Bookmarks, Messages, Email, and others allow you to resize the widget by adjusting the border.

What kind of battery usage are you getting. Heavy users are reporting battery life upward of 24hrs. If your getting less than that it's possible you have things draining your battery. If your WiFi and 3G keep toggling in and out, that's one of them, the update should correct it. Aftwords, download an app called WiFi Location Toggle which allows you to save your location and when you enter/exit that location it toggles WiFi on/off respectively. Turn off Auto-Sync for functions you don't need. Turn off LTE until the network is active in your area.

For your SD Card, try the following,

Settings > Storage > Unmount Storage Card

Followed by Remounting it after it completes.

When the USB cable is plugged in, turn the phone over to the other side to use the kicstand in that position. As for Sense itself, no, it doesn't display in landscape mode. However, there are 3rd party apps you can download to accomplish this. In the meantime you can also email HTC with a request asking them to add Landscape support for various screens. I have.

As for Besta Test, haven't you see that commercial? We are all beta testing all phone,

Your being charged an extra $10 for the use of a Smartphone on the network not for use of 4G or LTE. Smartphones are able to download ALLOT more data then their predeccessors, as such, we pay an additional $10 for that priveledge. If you were to get or use an old style Flip Phone, you wouldn't be charged that extra $10.

Lastly, what area of the country are you in, we can easily lookup approximately what timeframe you can expect LTE in your area.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.
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