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Where are my downloads?

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Where are my downloads?


This might sound stupid, but I can't find my downloads, for example, I downloaded a picture from an email I received  and also a video, however I can't find them? after I download them, I get little popup that says saved to my SD card... but how can I access my downloads on my phone? now, I know on the stock browser I can access downloads, but it doesn't show my other downloads, from emails, and such it only shows the browser downloads...

so any idea where  I can find my downloads?

Thanks in advance...


Re: Where are my downloads?

need the phone make and model


Re: Where are my downloads?


Re: Where are my downloads?

These should appear in the phone Gallery. Occassionally an Android device won't dynamically update the media cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the SD card should trigger a rescan, or power cycling your phone will as well. The HTC devices do not have a built-in file browser unfortunately, I recommend downloading either ES File Manager or Astro File Manager from the Play Store to manage files.

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