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Who is responsible for Sprint's poor behavior?


Re: Who is responsible for Sprint's poor behavior?

This doesn't make sense because they were able to send us emails about the pre-order easily enough.  All they need to do is repeat the same worthless information they have provided in the official blog, and has likely already been cleared by legal.  At least then, all the people that have no idea about the delay will know not to expect phones today/tomorrow.  With that said, I am changing my attitude to optimistic, and hoping HTC can win a release in court today, overnight ship, and get me my Evo tomorrow on the original launch day.  Crisis averted!  If they can pull that off, I will provide a public apology for dragging Sprint through the mud over the last couple days.

IrassJ wrote:

I read somewhere that they are actually in a warehouse in KY, packed and ready to go.  Customs is holding up the shipments to us.  I agree with you - being able to cancel and get a refund would be ideal.  It would be nice to have information - I agree with you there too - but unfortunately, most companies have compliance/legal teams that inhibit information / emails from going out, especially in mass quantities.  (I work for such a company).  I don't think holding back is so much that they want to keep us in the dark, as frustrating as it is, it's all CYA - Cover Your A$$ and that mentality is enforced by legal/compliance.   I'm not making excuses for Sprint, I'm just sayin'.  You'd asked how we feel, so just putting out here how I feel.   Like I said, I've never personally had issues with Sprint or their customer support.  I've been with Sprint since 1999 - like any relationship, there are bound to be ups and downs.  This is essentially my first "down", so maybe that is why I can easily forgive. 

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