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Wirefly's Estimated Shipment Time


Wirefly's Estimated Shipment Time

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I'm planning on getting the new EVO 4G LTE and I seen that it was cheaper if I pre-ordered it on Wirefly. The only thing I'm worried about is shipment because as you can tell in the image, it says, "Ships in 2 - 3 weeks." Is that after you've purchase the phone that you have to wait that estimated time, or am I going to receive the phone on Launch Day?

Thanks guys!



have you at least called and/or e-mailed wirefly directly and inquired with them what their policy will be? seems to me they would be the best source to contact?


Seems to me that they have filled orders for their first shipment and that you will have to wait for another shipment to come in. They are probably on Back Order at this point.

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