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corroded usb port fiasco


corroded usb port fiasco

My evo 4g LTE had been acting up so I took it to Sprint to have them look at it.  Was told the usb port was corroded but the inside of the phone showed no sign of water damage.  Since I didn't have insurance it was not their problem.  I was given a card to a phone repair place and told to take it there.  So I did.  They looked at the phone and could not see any corrosion on the usb port.  Since the phone was unusable I deactivated it and activated my original evo 4g.  I called Sprint and talked to someone in advanced tech support about my problem and lack of support from the Sprint store I went to.  I explained that I had deactivated the LTE and acitvated the old evo 4g.  She talked to the supervisor and said they would send me a new evo lte since it was under warranty.  Problem solved! Wrong! The email I got about the advanced exchange listed  my original evo's serial number and they were sending me an original evo not an LTE.  I called them back and they agreed they were sending the wrong phone but they couldn't do anything to cancel it.  So just like the people who tried to cancel preorders I had to wait for the phone to arrive and refuse shipment and return to sender.  Of course I was at work when it was delivered so I had to go home get the phone take it to UPS and refuse shipment.  I then waited until the tracking info showed the shipment was refused and then called Sprint.  Sprint had to reavtivate my LTE to get the serial number and when she does a message comes up that the phone was flagged damaged beyond repair.  I was then informed that the store that flagged it as damaged should have given me a new phone because it was under warranty.  I had to take the phone to the store. She then input a message into the system for the store to take my defective phone and give me a new phone.  So I go to the store and they say I have to send the phone to HTC for warranty.  I have them read the message in their system and it says to replace the phone, nothing about me sending it to HTC.  Meanwhile  2 techs there examine the phone and can find no corrosion!  I am told the phone should not have been flagged as damaged beyond repair.  Imagine my surprise when they tell me they have no LTE's in stock.  But they can get me a refurbished phone for $35.  What a deal.

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