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evo 3d features missing from 4g LTE (desk clock, power save mode)


evo 3d features missing from 4g LTE (desk clock, power save mode)

Hi all,

I just got my 4g lte and love it.  However there are 2 features that I liked on my evo 3D that I cannot find on the 4G LTE.

1 - desk clock - i believe the built-in clock had a simple button to tap to have it go into "screensaver" mode showing just the time moving around on a black screen.  I found this very useful. 
Does this option exist on the 4g LTE stock or do i need to download an app for it and if so which do you recommend?

2 - power save - even more important, the "quick settings" tab on the pull-down notification window had a very simple "power save" moode to check.  this also was very helpful.  again - does that simple one-button powersave option exist on the LTE or do i need to find an app for that?

thank you.



Just bumping as I've not been able to figure these out.

I am using a "desk clock" app and just manually using the wifi, gps, sync and other buttons for power save.

Would still like to have back the clock and power save mode from the 3D!


Bump again....

As a previous user of the HTC Evo 3D and now an Evo 4G LTE user, the desk clock is a significant missing feature.  I did notice that when the the HTC Evo 3D was upgraded to Android 4 (ICS), the desk clock is still present.  Was there a particular reason this was dropped from the Evo 4G LTE?


Since it's not an actual bug, I would suggest contacting HTC with the request at the following,

Just mention that you really liked the Desktop Clock feature from the HTC EVO 4G and that you would like to see it readded to the HTC EVO LTE.

I also suspect that since the OEVO did not have the power save mode, it wasn't included on this the LTEVO version either. The 3DEVO being a differnet phone entirely had different functions. Again, I would contact HTC at the above with a similar request.

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