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issues typing text messages


issues typing text messages

I think I am having the most annoying issue ever. When I go to send a text, I'll type the first word of my sentence and as soon as I push the space button it deletes the word. it wont let me complete the sentence. The fix for this is to go into my task manager and shut everything down. Then I'll send the text, but as soon as I get a reply (which is almost instantly) I'll have the same issue all over again. I have done two factory resets on my phone and taken it into the sprint store twice where the reps have seen the issue first hand, but nothing has been done about it. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, I do not have any aftermarket texting apps and I've deleted most of my apps to see if there was an issue being caused by one of them. The second time I went into the Sprint store they deleted my dictionary cache and installed our second update but the issue is still here...

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