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it won't turn on!!


it won't turn on!!

My EVO LTE won't turn on! I had plenty of battery and then I went to use it last night and it just wouldn't turn on or respond to anything. I tried charging it, but the light won't even come on. Someone help!

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Re: it won't turn on!!

Make sure the phone is hooked to the charger and that you have a steady Orange light, about 15minutes or so. Then press and hold the Power Button and Volume Down button for as long as a minute plus.

There have been issues where the phone was fully charged and something drained in over night. As a result the phone shutdown to prevent a more serious issue. The button sequence is like a jump start to reestablish connection with the hardware so-to-speak.

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Re: it won't turn on!!

If your using the stock HTC charger that came with the phone, try to unplug the phone from the wall, wait a few seconds and plug it back into the wall. Then plug your phone in and wait a few minutes.

I have seen numerous times the stock HTC charger not work. After unplugging it and plugging it back into the wall socket it would work just fine..

If that fails then try a different charger..

If that fails press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and try the charger(s) again..

If that fails go to a sprint store for some serious phone help..

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